>Random Thoughts


Me and Nate
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.
  • I love this new show Heroes
  • I can’t figure out what’s going on
  • Studio 60 is the smartest, funniest show I’ve seen in years
  • I need more sleep
  • I also need more exercise and veggies
  • My best friend was in town from Nashville this weekend
  • She and her boyfriend stayed with us
  • I took some cute pictures of them
  • Church on Sunday was amazing
  • We celebrated 40 Days of Community
  • I wish I could join the music team…no time
  • Karaoke made me miss holding a mic
  • I photographed a baby shower Sunday
  • The house was dark so my stupid flash created lots of shadows
  • But I think the photos aren’t too bad
  • The mommy is gorgeous
  • Rasberry wheat beer is great

5 responses to this post.

  1. >You look fantastic in the photo.


  2. >Heroes! I am obsessed! I got all my friends into watching, too. And a bunch of us eat lunch together at work on Tuesdays to discuss Monday’s episode.


  3. >I have yet to see that show. I heard it’s the bomb though.When is it on?


  4. >Heroes is excellent and so is Studio 60.


  5. >SFG – Monday nights BABY! I hate the fact that all the shows I really love are on at 10pm. I want to go to sleep by 10pm.


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