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My Thanksgiving Family
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.

Not much to say. Shocking, I know. Busy writing more technical papers about wastewater treatment. BLAH! Ordered a new flash for my camera yesterday…yay! Nathan helped decorate the Christmas tree this weekend and I almost died from the cuteness of it. This holiday season is going to be the most. fun. yet. because he is old enough to really enjoy it. I’m having a little jewelry party Friday night but so far almost nobody can make it…boohoo. Ran around the indoor track with Mike last night. Running in small circles is pretty boring and hard work. Tonight is yoga…yippee!!


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  1. >That is a great pic of y’all.I so wish they had a yoga class around here that fit my schedule. Damn it.


  2. >Yay! it’s yoga tonite. :)my noon class cancelled on me (everyone had meetings!). such a bummer. got a nice long walk in though.running on the track up there is not fun. it’s so cramped. bleh! what else? i was going to say something else. . .oh yeah, the party this friday. I don’t know what the plans are and i forgot to ask ryan. I won’t likely know til tomorrow.


  3. >jenifer you are the last person on earth I expected to be interested in coming…but COOL! no pressure though šŸ™‚ My friend Carolyn is coming and I would love for you to meet her. Somehow I had a feeling Friday night in December might not be good for people. Speaking of friends, my best friend just moved to Royersford and as soon as she can afford to join the Y she’ll be coming to yoga with me. I can’t WAIT.


  4. >Cool!Good class tonite. I think I’ll come. Can’t guarentee that I’ll buy anything.


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