>Stuff Portrait Friday

>I have no idea really what the theme is of this week’s SPF, but Kristine did make it pretty easy.

1. Something that makes you go “hmmm….”
2. Something sweet
3. Something retro

I was going to insert a picture of a cute guy, but that would be too obvious and childish. So you get to see a piece of my work project of the week. It’s a technical paper for a big conference on water quality. That’s a schematic of a wastewater treatment system on my laptop, which sits on my desk in front of my desktop, where I blog.

Something sweet is easy because I have a great big sweet tooth. Just yesterday I bought these delectable treats at Trader Joe’s.

Dizzy yet? I guess I was in a cock-eyed kinda mood.

Finally something retro. This advent calender was handcrafted for me by my Aunt Virginia in about 1976. It has survived well so far. I have a very particular order in which the pieces must go up. I took this last night so December hadn’t started yet. Of course baby Jesus must be LAST.

So there ya go! Thanks for visiting, let me know if you played!!


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Great SPF! I loved your Reto Pic that is priceless.Have a great weekend; I played too.


  2. >I love those trader joes candies.


  3. >mmmm… your “sweet” photo looks *delicious*. i am really enjoying seeing everyone’s interpretation of “retro” — i had a hard time with that one.happy SPF!


  4. >I love your Advent calendar. I wish I had mine from my childhood. Priceless!Great SPF!I played 🙂


  5. >Chocolate Raspberry sticks? Only good can come of that.Great SPF! I played too!


  6. >The Trader Joe sticks looks yummy.BTW, those containers don’t hold up in the dishwasher.I’m just saying.:)


  7. >I love your SPF. I didnt play this week…I like your retro advent calendar…we had a similar one when I was growing up.


  8. >Your advent calendar is awesome! I just love it!The first pic of your work made my head hurt.I played.


  9. >I love trader joes! Love it!Those raspberry sticks look awesome!


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