>Yoga Mishaps

>So I haven’t written in awhile. Work is busy, the holiday stuff is in full swing, and my baby niece (see picture below) has been in the hospital all week with RSV. I think she’s improving.

Sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself. So here goes.

We’ve had an artificial Christmas tree since our first apartment eight years ago. It’s pretty easy to put up and there’s no hunting around for the perfect tree, so we keep using it. I love Christmas and I rush to get the house all decorated right after Thanksgiving. Here’s how it looked last week. Nathan LOVES it.

Cut to Tuesday night. In yoga class we did some fun stuff, working on headstands and shoulderstands and such. Then Jenifer showed us a new pose where you put one or both of your feet behind your head. Sounds impossible right? Well with the technique she showed us, I was able to get my foot mostly behind my head. I was so excited, I rushed home to take a picture of it, to show my friends in the 365 Flickr group who have been photographing themselves doing lots of yoga poses this week. Go ahead, have a laugh.

I’m waving to the camera. Ok that’s not the funny part. The funny part is I decided to do a few more yoga postures in front of the tree for the benefit of my Flickr friends. Yeah, so I did plough, lotus, crow, backbend…then I decided to do a headstand. I told Mike to spot me so I didn’t fall into the tree, and to press the shutter release for me. I lifted up into the headstand with my back right in front of the tree, and Mike held my feet there for a minute while I tried to get my balance. I started to feel the balance so he let go and I told him to take the picture. But he had left the remote across the room, so he stepped away and naturally, in that moment, I came crashing down backwards, right onto the Christmas tree. The plastic base to the tree snapped and ornaments broke and flew off. Here’s the result. (I would show you, but Blogger is being a bitch at the moment.)

Yoga Mishap

It’s all good because that tree was way too shrimpy for our 10′ ceilings anyhow. So last night we got ourselves a new beautiful 9′ tree. It took FOREVER to fluff out all the branches and today I think I have to buy more ornaments and garland and such. Then I will show you.


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Hahahaha! Well, at least you got a big beautiful tree out if it! 😉


  2. >very funny. That flikr group looks funny as well.


  3. >That is hysterical!I can not wait to see the new tree sounds awesome!


  4. >How scary about your neice. I hope she is feeling better soon!


  5. >That totally sounds like something I’d do. Well, except for the “happened during yoga” part.How come you don’t link your Flickr pics directly here instead of uploading them to Blogger?


  6. >Good thing you weren’t hurt. And since you weren’t that is funny.


  7. >wow, that paints a funny picture. I am glad you were not hurt in the collapse. I hope your niece gets all better very quickly. I can’t wait to see more pics.


  8. >hey, it looks good. that would probably be something like salambha ardha supta yoginasana–supported, half, reclining yogin’s pose. :)sorry you killed your tree. i have ornaments if you want to borrow. 🙂


  9. >well, the tree was beautiful until you kicked it over. can’t wait to see the new one.


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