>The Weekend In Pictures

>I haven’t been blogging as much because I’ve been spending a lot of time over in Flickr, posting new photos and commenting on others. I often take for granted that many of my readers here never make their way over to my photos, so I think today I’ll just show you what I’ve been up to rather than tell you.

By the Light of the TV

Train Fun

December Sunset

Save the Tomatoes and the Cucumbers, Please

I'd Run Away Too

Petting Pepper



Biker Dude

4 responses to this post.

  1. >I love your pictures you are doing a great job!Is it all with the new lens?My christmas wish list has quite a few accessories for my camera on it!


  2. >Your kid is too cute.And clearly never happy. I mean he never smiles. Like ever.That was sarcasm in case you are still sleepy on this lovely Monday. 😉


  3. >Great pictures! You’re really talented.


  4. >Your pictures are great, and I envy you your sweet camera…some day, some day.Isaac has that same winter hat in stripes. nearly doesn’t fit his big noggin.


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