>Visit with Santa

>My husband is out of town all this week, so rather than spend my evenings on the family room floor trying to entertain a two year old, watching the SAME videos over and over, I find every opportunity to take Nathan out somewhere. Last night we went to the mall, ostensibly for more Christmas shopping. I wanted to look in Talbots for something for my grandmother, which is in the Court at King of Prussia, a section of the mall I haven’t been to in awhile. The only blouse I liked was more than I wanted to spend, so Nathan and I kept walking.

We happened upon a beautiful HUGE musical Christmas tree in the center of the mall, with a Santa station beneath it. First I thought I would just let Nathan watch the other kids sit with Santa, so he would get the idea. We will have breakfast with Santa on Thursday. Then after awhile of watching I noticed the line was short and I figured maybe he could just practice sitting on Santa’s lap. After all, I was NOT about to spend $20 on a stupid photo. Yeah, well…this Santa was FAT and looked a lot like a real Santa, except he had no hat! And he was sporting a GIANT gold belt buckle that spelled out SANTA. But Nathan didn’t run away. Santa apparently didn’t really have room on his lap for my large 2 year old, so he just sat next to him awkwardly. Then they showed me the photo. Yeah, I could do better. But what the heck? It’s only money. So out came the $20. I am SUCH.A.SUCKER.

Visit With Santa


7 responses to this post.

  1. >Santa is big this year at the mall! But I do love the lounge he is sitting on!


  2. >Holy crap, that Santa is a big boy.


  3. >Wow, Santa’s got some bling.I would’ve been more worried about Nathan freaking out over the 6+ foot dolls that hang on that tree. They are CREEPY. Good thing they’re up so high.


  4. >LOL! Go take a peek at my blog. I fell for it today too.


  5. >Well worht the 20, I say


  6. >But hey, you got the cheesy framing around the edges for free, right?


  7. >hey, email me about tuesday, ok?


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