>Coming up for air

>I know, my blogging has been disgraceful lately. I blame the holidays. Finally got everything bought AND wrapped. Cleaned the house from top to bottom. (Ok, so I skipped my grungy master bathroom that no one ever sees) Food shopped for an army and picked up my grandparents from the airport this morning. Did I mention they’re here for a week? Yeah. A week of cooking and cleaning up dishes from breakfast, lunch, and dinner (because fast food and paper plates don’t work with them) A week of watching game shows at deafening volume. But they’re great, and we make them happy. So that’s what counts, right?

Oh yeah, and they said something about buying me a great big keyboard…sort of a substitute till someday when I can afford a real piano. Looks like I’m gonna have yet another hobby to fill my time!


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  1. >Our master bath is always grungy. But we’re being forced to clean it as JP’s brother’s family (the parents and 4 kids) are going to be sleeping in our master bedroom next week. I’m thinking it’ll still be pretty clean after they go, so bonus! I love a clean bathroom, but hate to clean it.I have an electroinc piano (Sam’s Club!), and I play it all the time. You’ll love it.Enjoy the time with your grandparents!


  2. >I hope you enjoy the visit. Wheel….oF…>FOURTUNE


  3. >Isn’t cleaning the bathroom just the worst job ever??? Have fun with the grandparents.


  4. >Believe it or not.. I like to clean.. I just put on the Ipod on Sat mornings and away I go.


  5. >Have a great time with your grandparents. They are going to have a great holiday at your house!


  6. >Merry Christmas


  7. >Have a fabulous Christmas, Mainline Mom. Hope the boy gets all kinds of toys. and the little boy too. : )


  8. >oh yeah, can’t forget the most important person. Hope you get your wishes answered as well. : )


  9. >Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a great holiday!


  10. >My master bath is slated to be condemned by the health department :(We had a keyboard for a loooooong time, just graduated to a piano in the past year. You’ll have a blast with it.Merry Christmas!


  11. >Come back to the blog world I miss ya! Any plans for new years eve?


  12. >oh what are you and nathan doing tomorrow (Saturday) around 4?


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