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So New Year’s Eve was not so much fun for our family. Nathan was whiney, I was whiney, and Mike had his nose buried in his laptop doing all his sports blogging while insisting we watch at least four football games. We didn’t even stay up to watch the ball drop.

In good news, my Philadelphia Eagles won their division by some miracle and my next door neighbor had a baby girl. She called me in a panic Saturday night so I went over and watched her two boys until their grandmother showed up. Since this was her third kid, I figured she must know when it’s really time to head for the hospital, and she didn’t say a word to me as she raced out the door. I saw her husband’s car in the driveway very early the next morning, so she must have had a pretty short labor.

The husband called and talked to Mike with the good news yesterday, but he neglected to get such vital information as the baby’s NAME or weight. The conversation from my end sounded something like this.

“Hey Mike! Yeah well, Mary had a baby girl last night.”

“Oh congratulations Dan, that’s terrific.”

“Tell Sarah thanks so much for coming over to watch the boys, she was a lifesaver.”

“Oh it was no problem. No problem at all.”

“So the Eagles won their division!”

“Yeah, I’m not an Eagles fan, but my Broncos just lost. So now I guess I’ll root for the Eagles.”

Ten more minutes of football talk. I did manage to interject a question of what hospital was she at, and get an answer. Mike thinks Dan was angling for an invitation to come have a beer, but we were just about to put Nathan to bed.

I can’t believe they didn’t cover the baby’s name. We’re guessing it’ll be some kind of good Irish Catholic name, like Katherine. Right now, my money is riding on Katherine. Her older brothers are Sean and Joseph. I’m also willing to bet the baby’s middle name will be whatever Dan’s mom’s name is, since she passed away earlier this year. Either way, she’ll be forever known as “the little tax deduction”.


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  1. >LOL! Men are so bad about getting those pertinent details. You need to put them in the frame of mind that each delivery is like a game with certain stats that are used to compare against other deliveries. Have a Happy New Years. 🙂


  2. >What is it with men not finding out the vital stats when a baby is born? JP is the same way. You’re lucky you found out it was a girl! (But maybe you knew that ahead of time.)Happy New Year!


  3. >Mens.


  4. >Yeah I agree,, Men..Go Cowboys! (ducks)…


  5. >You’d BETTER duck.


  6. >Happy New Year! May God bless you and your family in this next year!


  7. >Men they never ever get the details. Well the important ones…LOL!


  8. >Hah! That is SO typical of male conversation. They never get the crucial details.Happy New Year!


  9. >Men are like this.They can work with someone for two years and never tell you the wife’s name, what college they went to or if they have kids.I mean seriously…WTF?


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