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2007 is set to be a really good year. I’m optimistic about it. I have been asked to photograph a wedding in March for a friend, and Mike’s cousin wants me to handle her senior portraits. Both requests are an honor and should provide a great learning experience. But I still haven’t thought of a name for this business, and I really need one. I ought to have business cards and a website. I’m not crazy about using my last name, it just doesn’t flow that well.

I remember when my two partners and I picked a name for our engineering company. It took us forever, and there was lots of back and forth, and I think it was still a compromise in the end. But it stuck and it has worked well for us over the past three years. Yep, almost three years and I’m still getting a paycheck. There were a lot of times we really weren’t sure we were going to survive. But we have survived and thrived. So I’m not rich yet, but maybe someday.


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  1. >Good for you! If you are going to list in the yellow pages try for something that starts with the letter A so that you are near the top of the listings.


  2. >Nope, no way am I gonna list in the yellow pages. This is a “side” job thing and will be for quite some time. I’ve already got more portfolio building biz than I can keep up with, just by word of mouth.


  3. >Congrats that is great news! Um still no name for my business either. Still working on that. Lets get together and bounce Ideas off eachother.


  4. >Most photography businesses either use either their names or some play on words regarding camera’ or other photo vocabulary. Since this is a side gig maybe you go off the wall with a name. Nittany Lion Photography. Or some of my favorites using the play on words. “Oh Snap!” Photography”Oh Shoot!” Photography”Click Whirl” (which is the sound the camera makesOr my favorite”1000 words”


  5. >I think 1000 Words is an awesome name. Too bad at least a dozen other companies thought so first.


  6. >What about “Fourth Avenue Photography” which is the street I live on? It’s pretty bland, but unique. What made me think of it is this really great photography company in Reading called Willow Street. The only thing would be, what happens when I move?


  7. >GO EAGLES………oh, those aren’t Eagle jerseys….GO PENN!!!!!!!!!!!best of luck with the photos. I always find it hard to come up with a name, for anything.


  8. >Ahem…those aren’t Penn jerseys either. They are Penn STATE jerseys…big difference. Penn = Ivy league college in downtown Philadelphia. Mascot is the Quaker. Penn STATE = gigantic state university in central PA. Mascot is the Nittany Lion.


  9. >Congrats on PSU – I assume they won if you are all happy.Dude, I even lived up in PA and I have no clue what a nittany lion is. LOL


  10. >oh, you knew what I meant. I really meant PENN STATE. Wasn’t thinking the other Penn. I would call that U OF P…sorry for the confusion. Don’t hit me…..


  11. >Maybe you shoould just name it after the street you grew up on. Or do the whole porn name genrator thing and use that.


  12. >That is awesome!


  13. >Oh I like the street name very cool. I like Williams idea about the street you grew up on. I think I like that alot. Let me know what you decide. I also like fourth avenue photography and who cares if you move it is where you lived when you started your business


  14. >i am in the same boat…more portfolio building biz than I can handle…and no name. The street name thing wouldn’t work for me I live on Cathey…and grew up on Leroy…ick. What about just using your initials? I think you mentioned before taking a word in another language…or maybe I heard that from someone else. Let me know some of your reject ideas, so I can try to come up with something.


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