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I’m still working on editing a whole bunch of yoga pictures I took for Jenifer. Photoshop can be tricky, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. In this photo I removed a whole bunch of random stuff lying around that was distracting. My husband keeps talking about how he wants to create cool photoshopped images for his football blog, like with people inserted into odd pictures, but he never gets specific enough for me to do it for him.

Last night’s Eagles game was awesome, and now the city is really going nuts. This city loves their Eagles. Everyone except my husband, that is. Even though I readily admit to being a fair-weather fan, I have not yet bought a single stitch of Ealges clothing yet. I keep eyeing the jerseys and hats and tshirts hanging everywhere, but I have this feeling that if I buy one it will jinx the team and they will lose.

Today is a dark, damp day, and traffic was UGLY this morning. Perfect for getting some serious work done both at the office and around the house (which happen to be in the same place).

Oh!! I almost forgot. My sister and my baby niece made the front page of the Richmond newspaper yesterday. A piece about women mixing politics and family. Victoria takes the baby into her office with her every afternoon. I guess you can do that when you’re the boss. Here’s the article.
Family News


7 responses to this post.

  1. >Aren’t all Eagles fans fair-weather fans? That statement will probably get me in trouble around here–I don’t mean it as a slam. But it seems like when the team loses the fans turn on them in a heartbeat.Cool that your sister made the paper!


  2. >That article is so cool! I am totally impressed by your sister!I am a semi eagles fan but people are crazy about them. I was on South Street during the game yesterday it was so dead everyone was watching the game either at home, the bars, or at the stadium!


  3. >That picture makes your niece look like the boss.


  4. >That picture makes your niece look like the boss.


  5. >That picture makes your niece look like the boss.


  6. >My niece IS the boss, ya know. As most children are, in some ways.


  7. >How awesome is that?I was glad Philly won as well. I am not an Eli fan.


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