>Hijacked Stuff Portrait Friday

>It seems that Kristine is too busy these days to give us an SPF assignment, so The Kept Woman decided to hijack the game this week and give us all an assignment herself. Yay! When you can’t think of what to say, SPF is good. I have a major blog post that I’ve been working on and perfecting and holding back until just the right moment. In the meantime, I haven’t been able to think of anything else!

So here’s my SPF.

1. A houseplant. Easy one. I only HAVE one. I have a black thumb, but a friend gave me this pot with the seeds already planted last July. I kept watering it and it GREW! I don’t even know what kind of plant it is.

2. Something you complain about but secretly enjoy.

This was a tough one. I’m a pretty upfront, to-the-point person. If I complain about something, I really don’t like it. I’m just not a fake complainer. Once in awhile I complain about Nathan. What parent doesn’t? But I enjoy him to death. Especially his sweet smile, his loving hugs, and the way he skips around the house now. He’s the best kid anyone could want.

3. Something gross.

So there are lots of gross things around here I could share. But the other day my husband came home from a trip with the grossest thing I’ve seen around here in awhile. He’s always bringing home disgusting jarred foods, but this was the worst. It made me barf on sight and I had to hide it out of view in my cabinets.

It’s venison. Yeah, bambi meat. It’s not that I’m opposed to hunting, I just don’t want to see chopped up bambi meat staring at me in a glass jar. I think it’s totally gross. I don’t really like meat very much in general. YUK.

Happy Friday!!!


9 responses to this post.

  1. >Yummm, venison in a jar. (that what sarcasm by the way)I wondered what had happened to SPF.


  2. >Ewwwww!!!! My first husband was a deerhunter … came from a long line of deerhunters. I wouldn’t go near it!!!Mine’s up 🙂


  3. >Gross! I can’t wait to read this big post you’re working on!!


  4. >that is just plain gross! Nasty if I do say so myself!


  5. >Uhhhhh, we eat venison (mostly ground…tacos, chili, etc.) but in a jar? that is just all sorts of wrong…


  6. >I like deer sausage, but that’s about it.


  7. >ewwwhappy spf!


  8. >Um, ew. Why is he always bringing that stuff home?


  9. >Bambi in a jar. Ew. I don’t know that I have ever eaten venison, but I heard it’s tasty. I think that picture would turn me right off of it forever though.


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