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It’s not too often that I talk about my faith on this here blog. Probably because most of the time I don’t think I know what I’m talking about. But it’s a big…no, huge part of my life. So anyway.

Church, Sunday School, and my Life Group have all been really great lately. I feel blessed, inspired, and like maybe God is trying to get something through to me. I haven’t figure out exactly what yet.

Last week in Sunday School we discussed science verses the Bible. This is particularly interesting to me as a scientist. I was pleasantly surprised by the teacher’s take on the supposed conflicts between science and Christianity. It’s very hard for me to recall his points exactly now, but in a church where we believe firmly in the inerrancy of scripture, I was happy to hear him say that the Bible is not meant to be read as a science text, and that it’s possible six day creationism isn’t exactly literal (although it is possible it IS), AND that it’s not the end of the world, or our faith, if some scientific theories happen to turn out to be true someday. We talked alot about Aristotle and Galileo’s theories of heliocentrism and why the church was so opposed to them. This teacher, who is as much a fundamental evangelist Christian as I am, maybe more so with his Baptist background, continuously surprises and pleases me with his emphasis on grace when viewing or hearing opposing ideas. He’s the same guy that has been leading us in the discussion of other faiths, like Roman Catholicism.

In Life Group this week (a small group Bible study) we began a study of Galatians, and had a wonderful discussion. A new insight was given by modern Christian writer N.T. Wright, an Anglican bishop, which is in direct condradiction with what I’ve always been taught about Jesus’ take on the Pharisees. Click the link for more info on that. Anyway the study of Galations and the centrality of the gospel of Christ is always amazing. I love the people in my group.

Then in Sunday school this week we had a guy teach who had been a missionary in Indonesia for nine years. I’d met him in class many times and always thought he was a bit strange, kind of tough looking and pretty anti-social. But I was blown away when he got up and spoke to us today about his life and self-righteousness, and having a spiritual vitality most Christians severely lack. I determined I need to get to know this guy and his wife better.

We decided to go to church after Sunday school because this week is Prayer Week at our church and they have a guest preacher, who I know from my old church growing up. This guy Rick Marshall has worked as an executive with the Billy Graham crusade for 25 years. I never heard him preach before because he was always behind the scenes at my old church. But he was great. Kind of loud, but very motivational. Plus the worship music was fabulous, which is always a bonus for me.

So, all this leaves me wondering what the Lord has in store for me next. If I pay attention and get on my knees more, it’s going to be big, I can tell.


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  1. >It will be big, I’m sure. I’m excited for your excitement, and a little envious of all the stimulation you’re getting. I have Wright’s new book . … Simply Christian, is it? I’ve heard snippets of him here and there, and was very intrigued. Hey, Happy New Year, if I didn’t say that already 🙂


  2. >I am also very interested to see other people’s, particular members of the clergy’s takes on other religions or even just other denominations. If they immediately go on the attack, I tune out. If they seek a level of understanding, then they get way more respect from me.


  3. >I think it is great that you’re in a study that allows you to intellectually explore other beliefs.God will always have good things in store for you. 🙂


  4. >Susie, yeah Simply Christian. Ironically, I was first introduced to this guy in small group on Wed night and then out of the blue the preacher this morning highly recommended we read that book. There was no connection between the two events, so I think maybe God wants me to read it. The preacher said he thinks it will be for our generation what Mere Christianity by CS Lewis was for generations before.


  5. >You just never know eh? The important thing is just to keep listening to what He wants to tell you.


  6. >Hi, Great post. I stumbled upon it searching for N.T. Wright posts. Have you checked out ntwrightpage.com? Lots of free articles by and about Wright. I also have a blog ntwrites.com that posts links and Wright info if you are interested. God bless!


  7. >Thanks Noah! Now my interest in Tom Wright and his teaching is truely peaked!! (or is it piqued? LOL)


  8. >I would say it is piqued but has yet to peak!


  9. >It never fails that whatever is weighing heavy on my mind for awhile will get discussed in church. Although, I’m having a bit of a hard time with that. The hubby and daughter don’t care for the church I go to, and it’s hard for me to go alone. Here’s to praying and listening more.


  10. >I always get a little anxious when I feel the Spirit moving. Do you?


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