>Hello from Sunny San Diego!

>Just taking a brief break after my MOST boring all day meeting. Can I just say? San Diego ROCKS. It’s downright hot here when the sun is out, which is most of the afternoon. I didn’t pack my swimsuit! I took a nice long walk along the waterfront yesterday and had lunch outside both yesterday and today! Amazing. I think I’m bailing on Tijuana tonight, I just don’t feel like going that far from the hotel. Well, time to go chill!


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  1. >Lucky Duck Williams Brother


  2. >I am dying out here in 7 degree Danville, PA. Lucky dog!And I hate to be so opinionated, but I’m kinda glad you’re skipping Tijuana. It just doesn’t strike me as the type of place a preggo should go, ya know? Maybe it’s just me, though…Enjoy the heat!


  3. >Welcome to the better life.Still haven’t heard a good argument for why the East Coast has to exist.


  4. >We love San Diego!! Definitely skip the trip to TJ and instead go tromp around at Cabrillo National Monument (my fave spot!), Seaport Village, Hotel del Coronado, or cruise up to La Jolla on Saturday morning for the farmers market.If you still have some spare time and want to find even more to do, check out http://www.localwally.com.


  5. >I’m in for a real shock when I get back to that sub-freezing weather. BUT I still have two more days of sun. Enjoyed dinner at a spanish resturant called Sevilla in the Gaslamp district, and then headed across the street to a cool Irish Pub for the rest of the evening. I decided I love Irish punk music.


  6. >sevilla is a great restaurant. went there when i was in SD last. i have family there. my sis loves the gaslight district.i’m glad you’re enjoying your trip. maybe consider a yoga class before you get back? lots available in evenings down there! 🙂


  7. >SD is by far the most beautiful city EVER.


  8. >Hope you’re enjoying your vaca…er business trip.


  9. >I love San Diego!Love it!


  10. >mmm yes San Diego is nice. I was there for a conference in March 2005, and I would love to go back every winter when I get tired of cold weather…I want to take my hubby too, he’s never been there. Have fun!


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