>I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my grandparents before, but I don’t feel like going back to find where and link it for you. They are my dad’s parents, and since my dad and my uncle are gone, I feel pretty responsible for them and keeping them happy. I don’t do a great job at that, but I win a lot of points for inviting them here for Christmas and stuff. Their primary residence is Houston, but they are from Boston and drive up there in May and stay all summer in the house my great-grandparents built. They’ve been doing this every year since my grandfather retired from his first career at Shell. But he has never really stopped working, because after that he consulted a lot, taught Chemical Engineering at U. of Houston, and works tirelessly trying to save their church from running out of money. Did I mention they are 86? Or something…I lose track. Maybe 87. My grandfather is really really smart, and my grandmother is a social butterfly who keeps their calender FULL to the max.


Anyway several weeks ago my grandfather was having dinner at Luby’s cafeteria before a church meeting, and the cashier gave him some kind of scratch off game ticket. He shoved it in his pocket and went home, thinking it to be some stupid gimmicky advertisement. Later he took it out and scratched it off, revealing “Grand Prize Winner” and a phone number. He didn’t take it seriously, but didn’t throw it out. A few days later he figured he’d call the number, and much to his surprise he got Luby’s corporate headquarters. The woman asked him to bring in the ticket, so he decided he would. The woman was surprised to find it was a valid ticket, because someone else had supposedly already won and claimed their prize. She said somebody must’ve made a mistake and put two winning tickets in.

At this point in the phone conversation my grandfather is telling me, I think “oh nice! so he won a month’s worth of dinners at Luby’s or something.” Nope. A freakin’ car. The grand prize was supposed to be a Chrysler Crossfire, which someone had already gotten from the dealership. So they were going to have to wait a few days to figure out what to do. My grandfather actually sounded excited about having a tiny little sportscar, which would be rediculous and impractical because my grandmother could never get in or out of it.

It turns out they got a Chrysler Pacifica, a much more practical car for them. Craziness. They currently have a big Caddilac and an old gigantic Buick station wagon. Well thank goodness they replaced that wagon. My grandparents’ comments about this car are hilarious. My grandparents are wealthy people. But my grandmom says “I hope it’s a good car, because we have to pay income taxes on it!” She’s all worried about how they are gonna haul big loads around. As if my grandfather runs to the lumber yard once a week. HA! Their Caddy holds a crapload of stuff, trust me, they move half their house in it from Houston to Boston and back every year. My grandfather’s comment was much more reasonable. “Too bad somebody who needed it more than we did didn’t win it.” That’s my grandfather for ya.


5 responses to this post.

  1. >Quick, rub your grandfather for luck.


  2. >Awwww! That’s great! I like the Pacifica.And they are totally cute, your grandfather looks so young and your grandmother has a beautiful smile!!


  3. >oh that is so cool!Your grandparents are awesome!


  4. >Awww, how cute. I’m glad someone actually wins those contests and stuff.


  5. >Congrats on your two year blogoversary.


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