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I find it very hard to get motivated to do my job lately. I guess because there isn’t anything pressingly urgent to get done. I’m not finding very much of anything inspiring lately either. Maybe it’s just the weather.

I really loved watching Oprah’s special on her leadership academy last night. I’m sure I’ve mentioned 1000 times on here how much I loved my visit to South Africa, and how I have a heart for those people. But the show didn’t really inspire me to actually do anything.

I need to re-organize my closet. Maybe I should read a good book. Even food isn’t inspiring to me, because nothing tastes as good as it used to. Nothing. It’s why I find it difficult to actually consume 300 extra calories a day for baby…I actually eat less than usual.

Tomorrow is picture day at school. I’m interested to see if these turn out any better than the last picture day.

Yoga tonight. Jenifer’s going to New Zealand to teach yoga for a few months, so my classes will be all Mark. I suspect it will be a nice change, as long as he mixes things up like Jen does. Oh, and I also signed up for a pre-natal hydro-aerobics class starting in mid-March. I’m not sure what I’m thinking, having to actually shave my legs and don a bathing suit once a week when it’ll still be cold out. But I think my aching joints will thank me.


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  1. >glad you took some pictures!Hope something gets you motivated soon and me too because I have been lacking motivation lately!I really enjoyed that show with Oprah last night, so moving those little girls are incredible!


  2. >Hi MM. Your little dude is so cute.


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