>Hemmoraging Cash Again

>I’m not sure what came first. You remember my post about when Mike’s SUV died. I forget how much that cost…$800? Then my car needed all new brakes and rotors. $450. There were a couple of extravagant birthday gifts we bought before we knew how expensive this month would be. Then there was the $13/hour babysitter to go along with our dinner out. And my $180 broken lens. And now? Our freezer gave out. No, not a stand alone spare freezer. The only one we have, attached to the refridgerator. So, new fridge here we come. Mike has informed me that I have to skip yoga class tonight in favor of fridge shopping. Too bad. After Tuesday’s yoga class Mark gave me a bunch of delectable chocolate he brought back from Germany. As my husband knows, a man who gives me high quality chocolate is highly regarded in my book.

Speaking of hemmoraging, I am getting sick of giving up so much blood for pre-natal tests. They took four whole vials from me this morning, and several more on Tuesday. The only plus is that I feel slightly woozy and use it as an excuse to go eat a substantial breakfast. Like I need an excuse.

One bonus I really do need to brag about this morning. I was very unsure what to do about replacing my broken lens. Brand new the same lens is $180. A no-name knock-off is $120. A friend advised me to upgrade to a better lens, but at $300 I just can justify it right now. So I scoured ebay and checked prices for several days. I was patient, and there were many gently used and brand new ones going every day. All fell between $110 and $150. I was hoping to maybe snag one for under $110 including shipping, but it wasn’t looking good. But last night I sniped a gently used one for only $84!!! That’s unheard of compared to all the other similar auctions I saw end in the past two weeks. I used auctionsniper.com. If you’re ever shopping for something on ebay and getting frustrated because you keep getting outbid, check out auctionsniper.com. You enter your maximum bid amount and if your bid is still high, they enter your bid about 5 seconds before the auction closes. My max bid was $100, but since the high was only $83 with 5 seconds to spare, they entered a bid for me at $84! I was already in bed by that time! It’s awesome, I tell ya. I still had three free snipes from when I signed up, so that service hasn’t cost me a thing yet.

So now I’m doing the new lens dance. I wish it were a more exciting new lens, like the Nikon 18-200 VR ($800), but it’ll do for now.


8 responses to this post.

  1. >Oh I am so glad you got a new lens!Sorry about the fridge! Can’t win when one breaks everything breaks. My car cost $2000 and was back in the shop yesterday!


  2. >guess what?you don’t have to do any prenatal tests if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to do the ones that you are doing. simply tell them you don’t want tests that require blood to be drawn.easy enough. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. >uh…I don’t mind THAT much. I’m just whining. I’d prefer to actually know how anemic I actually am, so that I can try to do something about it.


  4. >So what lens didja get? That’s a great price for pretty much any lens.Maybe you can use it to take a pic of that shiny new refrigerator! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. >That’s great news! But the fridge. UGH.Oh, and I declined most of my pregnancy tests. Especially that glucose one. It really is unnecessary unless you fall into the risk factors.


  6. >yay for ebay! I tell ya, it is just a great time to get deals on stuff. good for you.sorry about all that blood being taken off you, though! And 13 dollars an hour for a sitter is nuts.


  7. >oh man I won’t even tell ya how much I used to charge for babysitting it would make you sick! LOLI remember not charging alot and one family felt that they did not use a sitter all the time and for the safety and care of their kids it was worth it! They would rather pay someone more that they trusted than some teenager they did not because she was cheaper.I know it seems like alot but in the reality it is not too bad! But it does seem like alot when you are paying it out!


  8. >Hi Sarah, I was trying to get onto your profile to send you an email, but it wasn’t letting me. I wanted to talk with you about pictures!!! I don’t think you’ll need your broken lens to do them….lol. Nikki My email is nikkidbutterfly@yahoo.com if you just want to drop me a note and I’ll write back


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