>Random Monday Thoughts


It’s big. It’s black. It’s beautiful! Our new refridgerator, that is. Finally our fridge matches our other appliances. It arrived Saturday afternoon and cooled down very quickly. I made a big grocery store trip on Sunday, spent a ton of money on frozen food, meat, and produce, and our fridge still looks empty! And clean! I love it. Pepper was checkin’ it out too.

Good weekend overall. Had a nice dinner out Friday at Iron Hill Brewery. I miss being able to drink. Went to the gym Saturday morning and suffered through half an hour on the treadmill. Ouch! Got the fridge. Cleaned out my closet to make room for my maternity clothes. Went out to dinner with our friends who have year-old twin boys. The place only had one high chair available, so it was a bit chaotic for them and didn’t last long. But it was still fun for us. Nathan thought the boys were hilarious.

Church on Sunday was good as this week is our church’s big missions conference. We support hundreds of missionaries, and it’s always interesting to hear their stories. There’s something going on every day and night this week. Wed. night they are having a presentation featuring Bono (from U2), Bill Hybels from Willow Creek, and Rich Stearns, CEO of World Vision. I happen to think Bono is the best thing since sliced bread, and I’m super glad he’s teaming up with Evangelical Christians to help the poor and needy in Africa. World Vision is a great organization that has taken the lead in this area, and Rich Stearns is the dad of one of my sister’s best friends in high school. He used to go to our church before he moved to Seattle to head World Vision. The man is amazing, he was CEO of Lennox (the china company) making $800,000 a year and living in this great house on the Mainline when he was asked to head World Vision. He took a massive paycut and moved his entire family to Seattle and has done great things ever since, including becoming pals with Bono. Well anyway, hopefully I’ll learn more later this week.
Now back to my regularly scheduled job.

12 responses to this post.

  1. >You’ve had this camera for nearly a year now and you still haven’t figured out how to hold it level when you take a photo.


  2. >1. I also think Bono is a great person. I saw a brief clip of what is most likely the presentation at your church, and it was great.2. I sponsor a World Vision kid from Indonesia, and have been for 6 or 7 years. I think it is a wonderful organization.3. I think you bought the same exact fridge that we did a few months ago.Hope all is well, God Bless. Hope to see you soon.


  3. >Bono is going to be at your church??? how cool is that?15 years ago, would you have ever thought getting a new fridge would make you so happy?


  4. >No no, redhead mommy…I wish we were so lucky! The presentation is by video. Who knows, maybe someday!


  5. >It’s gorgeous! Love new appliances. How was Iron Hill? I’ve been wanting to go.


  6. >Nice fridge! We have the same one in white. Loveitloveitloveit!I think I saw you guys coming out of Panera in Audubon last Sunday afternoon, but I’m not sure. I wasn’t feeling sociable so I didn’t say anything, either.If it was you, though, you looked great!!!


  7. >dcrmom – Iron Hill is always great. Good place for kids too, although a little pricey. lori- yeah that was us, I’m addicted to Panera! I wish it was a few miles closer to our house. Thanks for the compliment.


  8. >i love the new fridge! side by sides are huge now! Ours was just like that except white!


  9. >Pepsi???? You suck! 😉


  10. >Nice Fridge.


  11. >I like Bono as well. I like that he seems to actually give a crap and is willing to work and not just throw cash around. Not that cash is not needed, but you know what I mean.Girl, that fridge is huge. Y’all could hide bodies in there.


  12. >Between that gorgeous fridge and BONO, this post was FANTASTIC.


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