I have nothing profound to write about this week. My nose is so drippy and stuffy 100% of the time that I finally went to the doctor this week, who told me, as expected, it’s pregnancy rhinitis and there’s nothing I can do. It makes me miserable and keeps me up half the night, which makes for very bad blogging or wastewater plant designing. The rest of my body is feeling a lot better than it had been, which is a good thing. Going to yoga certainly helps. But I do fatigue pretty easily. Climbing the stairs leaves me huffing and puffing. Standing up gives me a headrush. After being so fit in the past year or so, this bums me out. I’m already looking forward to getting back in shape post-baby.

Tonight is movie night with the MOPS girls. We’re going to see Music and Lyrics. It got a pretty good review by my favorite movie critic, Neel.

Mike says there will be no finished basement this year. This makes me very sad. I think we could afford it, but I don’t keep a close eye on the money like he does. Babies are expensive anyway. This morning he said he wanted to buy a Powerball ticket for Saturday. The pot is $180 million. I am against playing the lottery, but I won’t stop him. He asked me “If you won $180 million, what’s the first thing you would do?” I said quit my job. He said “Besides that….bigger than that….wouldn’t you want to buy something?” I said I supposed the first thing I would buy is a really expensive new car, like maybe a Mercedes SUV or something. He liked that thinking better. So while driving Nathan to and from school, I daydreamed about how I would spend that money. It was fun.

A huge chunk would first go to several Christian charities, like my church, my high school, my sister’s company, Capital Bible Seminary, Eastern College, World Vision, Awakening Ministries. Then I would have to give some to my family….which got me thinking about how much is reasonable? Who knows. Then I started thinking about where I would want to live. My first instinct is a great big huge house in Lower Merion, in some gated community. But then I wondered if those kinda neighborhoods every have kids running around the yards or backyard barbeques or can you call your neighbor when you need a cup of sugar? There’s something to be said for smaller houses closer together. I would never buy my own plane, I’d be perfectly happy flying commercial first class everywhere. Traveling would still be hard with two small kids, but we’d certainly do it. Afterall, our parents could retire and come along to help out. I think my first stop would be Disneyworld, just to see Nathan’s face. His little smile makes everything worthwhile.

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  1. >Oh man I think I might actually have to play the lottery this week as well just for the heck of it!I hope you are feeling better soon, only a few more months. That just sucks about the runny nose that would be so annoying not to mention just sucky all around. I love the picture of you and Nathan, so cute! Have a great day and if you won the lottery I would travel around the world with you as your nanny. Oh and if you won that kind of money you would hire a nanny to travel with you and two small kids!


  2. >You still have not finished that basement?? Sheesh.


  3. >a couple of yoga things:look up jalaneti and get a neti pot this will help clear the sinuses and nose.also, to open up breathing a bit, do dolphin pose. it’s great for clearing your head.


  4. >Yeah, I think I could eke out a living on 180 million.He is a cute kid. 🙂


  5. >I’m your favorite movie critic? Aw, thanks! As a special treat, I’ll be reviewing Hairspray sometime next week. Even though it comes out in July, I was part of the first audience to see the mostly completed film. And babies must be expensive. Every time I go to a local park and offer to buy people’s tiny children, they get angry and leave, not even providing a dollar figure.


  6. >I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt between Isaac and Lydia’s pregnancies…..I did aerobics nearly the whole pregnancy with Lyddie, I felt so much more healthy and less….ship-like. Sorry about the drippy nose….what an annoying side effect of pregnancy!I always said if we won the lottery (which won’t happen cause we don’t play), I would pay off all outstanding debt for all our family memembers, then hit the the churches, missionaries, etc. The rest I’d put in a money market account(not exciting, I know) and maybe live a little higher than we are now.Did you know that lottery winners, big winners, have a huge percentage of bankruptcy??`


  7. >I’m touched. All your gifts will be tax deductible. Even if you choose 6 zeros instead of 7. Did Mike price out the basement at all? Truly, with a little help, he could do the majority of it himself. I just put in an office in the unfinished basement. It’s easy to work inside with a clean slate. Having a play area downstairs is sweet. Right now for a large portion of the downstairs we just bought those colored foam mats for over the concrete floor. It works great. Electrical is easy to do too, with a little direction. Drywall, on the other hand, blows dead bear. I’ll stop by sometime and beat him down.Tristen turned one on Wednesday, and she walked for the first time on that day. It was like she was waiting for that day. Very Cool. I will post a picture later today.


  8. >You look excellent! Nathan is such a cutie, too.Ever think about trying a Neti pot for your sinus issues? All-natural, non-habit forming, and you can buy it at CVS under the brand name Sinucleanse for about $15.Let me know if you decide to give it a shot. I find it fairly helpful for my snot issues. (Sorry to be gross!)


  9. >PS – Music and Lyrics is such a fun movie!


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