>20 Weeks


20 Weeks
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Tomorrow is the day of the big ultrasound. I am so excited I can hardly think straight. The kid had better cooperate.

Once we find out the gender, we can start thinking about names. We’ve decided not to tell anybody the name this time around. I like Neel’s suggestion that my blog readers should get to name the baby. So feel free to offer up suggestions. Mike thought maybe we should have an NCAA tournament style name-off, throwing the top 64 names into a bracket and letting you guys vote.

Personally, my favorite way to name the baby is one Mike and I thought of months ago, while having lunch at our favorite resturant. When you order your food at Panera Bread, they ask you your first name. Then when your order is ready, they announce your name over the speaker. Nathan thinks loudspeakers are hilarious. We sat for an hour and listened to them call one name after another, and just gave a thumbs up or thumbs down. There were lots of Mikes and Jens, but several very unique names too. We agreed to twice weekly lunches at Panera to get a wide spectrum of names. Nathan gladly gave us his opinion too. If he liked the name and could say it, he would repeat it. That is considered a vote in favor from him. At this point we have not really agreed on anything.


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  1. >Maybe you should just name the baby Panera. 🙂


  2. >good luck with names! That is a hard one! well finding one you like isnt as hard as both agreeing on it!


  3. >Ahhhhh, the name game. I used to walk around all day thinking of some and then writing it down. You look great btw. Cheers.


  4. >The bread way is the way to go. Hope the ultrasound goes great.


  5. >The Panera Bread naming experience sounds like a great way to come up with a name.


  6. >A good friend of mine has a little girl Isaac and Nathan’s age. Her name is Magdellan, but they call her Maggie. I think it’s pretty cool.I’ve always liked Andrew for a boy, too, or Samuel.


  7. >you look adorable!I’m horrible at offering up names, I can barely name my pets.Good luck with ultrasound and I hope the baby cooperates as well.


  8. >Sharkey stole my suggestion! In that case, I’ll crib from William and suggest that “The Panera Bread Naming Experience” would make a cool band name.I’m on board with baby name bracketology. I’ll even help assign the seeds.


  9. >Yipee! Mike’s and Jen’smmmmmmmmm, Panera7, Mug, Soda


  10. >I love the Panera bread idea, especially since it gives Nathan an outlet to express an opinion!


  11. >How did the u/s go?? Hope all is well.


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