>Hump Day


One Cool Toddler
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Newsflash….I’m still sick. I hate waking up in the morning, because I’m always drowning in mucus and my throat has swollen up overnight. That does not make me want to get out of bed.

I did go to yoga last night which was a pretty easy class, thank goodness. The baby boy has been kicking the crap out of me lately, and this is especially true during yoga. I think his foot landed right on my cervix, which sends mini shockwaves through my body every time he kicks it. So far I’m pretty happy with how things are progressing. No new stretch marks yet, which is a good thing since I still have more than enough from last time around. I seriously loathe those things.

I discovered yesterday that my two year old knows how to use a comptuer mouse. One of his baby keyboard computer games apparently requires the use of the mouse, and he figured out how to control it easily. This scares me.

Also last weekend we moved him from the crib in the nursery to a full size bed in his new room. I will take a picture of my adorable (expensive) bedding as soon as I finish hanging the curtains. He has done just fine in the bed, and hasn’t figured out that he can climb out anytime he wants. He physically can get in and out no problem, but when he wakes up he will not leave the bed until I come give him permission to do so. Great deal, I say. The only downside has been that he tends to sit in bed and sing or talk or count for an hour or more at naptime. I often have to go remind him what he is there for. I think it’s partially because his room is on the opposite side of the house from his old room and it is brighter in the afternoon. So his naps have gotten a little shorter, but still not bad.

Now off to the big red bullseye boutique. So I can spread my germs around some more.


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  1. >I can relate…ugh! I’m on my 4th cold in 2 months. Of course, I can no longer tell what’s stuffiness due to pregnancy and what’s from the cold. You are right – your immune system isn’t what it usually is because you are pregnant (to protect the baby which it would see as foreign). Hopefully the cold season will be over soon and everyone will quit sharing their germs with you. Feel better soon!


  2. >While I know you call Nathan “one cool toddler” because of his leather jacket and camouflage pants, I can’t help but notice that the foliage behind his head makes it look like he has a faux-hawk. Knowing how you feel about Sanjaya from American Idol (I quote: “He sucks and he has stupid hair”), I felt I should point out this coincidence.


  3. >I love that outfit on Nathan. It reminds me of the guy from Grand Theft Auto.Oh, and he didn’t just figure out how to use the mouse. Dad had to do some training.


  4. >Misery! I have that nasty cold too.


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