>Some things just remind you of what a small world it really is. The tragedy this week has touched me from so many different places, more directly than even 9/11 did…although in many ways that was a personal attack on each and every one of us.

I got an email earlier this week asking for prayer for a girl in my church whose roomate died in the shooting. Then my sister tells me a girl from her church was among the victims. I think that girl and the girl from my church may have been roomates. Odd.

Then my husband wrote on his blog that one of the victims was a Penn State grad. PSU and VT have a lot in common, and this has hit the Nittany Lion community hard. Mike and I may be out of school, but we are still firmly entrenched in that body, especially because of Mike’s dedicated coverage of PSU sports.

Then last night I got an email from a friend of mine who is a long-time professor at Tech. In fact he consults for my company, and he is one of the most respected experts on Biological Nutrient Removal in wastewater treatment in the world. One of the classes I took at Tech was under him. I happen to have also learned through several dinners with he and his wife that they are devout Christians. He said it has been very hard for them because two good friends that were faculty in Environmental Engineering died, along with three grad students and one undergrad who worked in their labs in the same program. He also said he is upset by the media coverage, which he feels is keeping the hate alive. He asked for prayer for the Chief of Police Flinchum, who is a close friend of his family. He says he is a fine man and exceptionally well-trained and working under a lot of pressure. I think that last part is an understatement.

So today is a day of mourning in Virginia, and across the country. Tomorrow will be the funeral of a young lady from my sister’s church, where I have worshipped many times. I just can’t help but feel so sad about it all.


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  1. >I’ve been watching the news reports in shock. We are so far removed from this tragedy yet it hits close to home. When I was an undergrad, something very similar happened. I was in the building next to where the most of the shootings occurred. We were locked in but could see all the police, ambulances, etc out the window. It was much smaller scale, yet made the national news – this was before Columbine, etc and was one of the worst campus shootings at the time. As soon as I heard about the VT incident, I remembered the terror of that day many years ago. The mourning and the sorrow that followed. The loss of so many bright minds – faculty and students alike. All the people left behind… It’s so very sad…My heart goes out to you and to everyone affected by this tragedy. I wish I had words to comfort you. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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