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I just finished a six mile walk with Mike, Nathan, and several of Mike’s coworkers. It was all to benefit March of Dimes, which funds research to prevent premature birth. Six miles would normally be no big deal for me, especially walking. But being six months pregnant is pretty hard on the body. I really had no intention of walking with Mike today, but when I got there I was feeling good and I think I’m in pretty great shape.

Still, six miles was tough on me. We kept a good pace for the first half the walk, but then I slowed down considerably for the second half. Once in awhile I would step a bit wrong and feel pain shoot from the sciatic nerve in my back down my leg. I stretched a few times but mostly just kept walking. It’s now that I’m home that I can hardly walk, need to rest this afternoon 🙂 Still, I feel like I kicked butt. On the way home Mike said “You’re tougher than I thought.”

This past Thursday and Friday I took Nathan down to my mom’s because my sister and niece were in town for some conference. Nathan was really great with the baby, very sweet and loving and playful. It was good to see. Elizabeth is a really good baby too, always happy and peaceful. It was nice hanging out with my mom and my sister and the kids.

Saturday we took Nathan to a birthday party at a big indoor moonbounce place. Most of the boys there were older than him, ranging from 3 to 9, so he was intimidated at first. But Mike went in some of the moonbounces with Nathan and soon he was having a ball. It was great fun but crazy watching all these boys and their energy. He crashed hard and slept the rest of the afternoon.


4 responses to this post.

  1. >” . . . all these boys and their energy.” A taste of what you’re in for, huh? 🙂


  2. >It always amazes me the energy little boys have. I mean, where the hell does that COME from?The hubs should not be surprised you are tough. I mean, hi, you shoved a kid out. OUT OF YOUR BODY.Seriously, men could never…


  3. >way to go on the walking!


  4. >Way to go. With my bad back, I wish I only had to run 6 miles but I did 18.


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