Hot Air Balloon
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom.

This balloon went sailing right by my house the other day, and Nathan spotted it from the window first. I think it may have been following the big river that runs through my neighborhood.

Well here I go, marching right into the third trimester of my pregnancy, and yoga is finally getting to be a challenge. You try strapping a ten pound bowling ball to your waist and do a few dozen push-ups. Center of gravity has very much shifted and I find it hard to use my ab muscles in arm balances like Crow or to lift up into headstand. Also I am surprised by how hard upward dog is now. And I guess my diaphram is squished because long slow breathing in certain positions is not so easy. But pigeon pose is my best friend.

I’m very excited because I managed to get a babysitter for tonight AND tomorrow night. Tonight we were invited to a poker night at my friends house with some seriously fun party people. Should be good times. Tomorrow night we are having dinner with my best friend from college and her new beau, who is supposed to be very funny. He’s a math teacher in a South Philly public school, and the kids love him, so he MUST be cool. I’m just so happy my friend finally met a good match for her.

Tomorrow morning we’re having a big yard sale with my neighbor. I must go hang signs now, because I have been very delinquent in getting them out early. I hope people buy ALL my stuff.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >I love seeing hot air balloons. Happy Friday!


  2. >people will definitely buy your stuff people love yard sales! Have a great weekend!


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