Newly Pregnant
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I’m starting to think that whoever invented webcams should be shot. It means I have to actually do my hair and makeup for work…AT MY HOUSE.

This picture was given to me last night from a Christmas party I went to. I remember it well because I had just found out I was pregnant, wasn’t telling anyone at all, and four girls figured it out instantly when I declined the alcohol.

I’m having a jewelry party tonight with my FAVORITE jewelry, Premiere. My neighbor is the awesomest sales lady ever. I invited 50 women. Guess how many for sure are coming? 2. Grrrr…

Jewelry parties used to work much better for me when I worked in a big office and could just pass the catalogue around. Now everybody has kids that have soccer or T-ball and husbands that work late or travel. Oh well maybe next year.

My company hired a cute new intern. He’s a sophomore at Duke. I know he’s cute because of the webcam meetings. Hopefully I can put him to useful work 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. >You are aware your husband reads this blog, aren’t you?


  2. >Ooooo, interns. Mmmmm…..Damn, busted by the man. DAMN.


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