>Religion and Politics

>Now I know it’s been said that the two things you never discuss in polite company are religion and politics. Of course, there are many times I throw that rule out, and try to tread gracefully into interesting dialogue with my friends and family, usually because I have some idea of where they are coming from and can take that into account. Let’s face it, with certain people I love to talk. Then again, I have learned from my husband that there are many times when listening from the sidelines is the best thing to do.

For instance, the time my new neighbors declared they were racists while drinking beer in my kitchen. They were perceptive enough to pick up on the fact that I was keeping silent and therefore probably did not agree with them. Or I should say, the woman in the group was perceptive enough, because generally speaking women are good at that.

Except for yesterday. Last night I went to my usual prenatal swimming class and it was a very small group, only three of us plus the instructor. We usually talk a lot about kids and giving birth and sometimes Lost. For some reason the instructor and one of chatty girls started talking about radio and how they liked Howard Stern. This quickly spun into a political discussion because supposedly Stern is supporting Hillary unless Rudy wins the GOP primary, in which case he’ll support him. I watched in horror as the other two girls in my class declared themselves Republicans, and then a discussion of Bush, Bill Clinton, and the war in Iraq ensued. I could not believe these girls would be so forthcoming with their opinions around people they didn’t know at all. I kept silent. Then one girl said how Rudy’s three marriages should be no big deal and the other girl started off into how “those people down in the Bible Belt will care!” and that rapidly turned into a discussion about religion. Still, I did my bicep curls in silence. Apparently nobody picked up on the fact that in a conversation between four people, I was not saying one word…for a reason.


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  1. >You did good.I do the same thing. I don’t like talking politics and religion, especially when it starts getting deep and heated.These are two personal topics that should be treaded lightly around.How are those bicep curls coming, by the way? : )


  2. >You know the old saying…. “opinions are like (beep) and everyone has one”What a strange situation in which to have that discussion. I’m pretty open about my religion and my political preferences but I’m not sure I’d strike up that particular conversation while working out.btw – I do miss your husband’s blog.


  3. >Not only did you keep quiet but you didn’t throw the weight at them.


  4. >Considering the weight is a foam dumbell, which only works as 60 lbs resistance under water, throwing it at them wouldn’t have done much.


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