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Carnival Train
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Isn’t the expression on Nate’s face priceless? He loved the rides at the fair, which is a big change from the past when he would have been startled by being flung around and up and down at high speeds all by himself. It just shows me how much he is growing. Last week at the YMCA he ran into a classmate of his from school and the two instantly bonded and are now inseparable. Little Ava’s mother told me she wanted to take Nathan home with her. It has made him very eager to go to school AND to the Y the past few days.
He has also developed his first freckles, which I guess were inevitable given my genes. Just a few random spots that I suddenly noticed won’t wash off.

Mike is out of town again this week but so far it has not been bad. Nathan has slept in and taken good naps and been generally cheerful. I am 95% done my big report, and I feel pretty good about it. Now if only the EPA likes it and decides to give us $70,000 to play around with.

A friend of mine at church who recently had a baby gushed about how great I look, and gave us lots of advice on having that second child. Yes, we finally made it to church, which was great. I love that I finally feel at home there, seeing familiar faces that will stop and talk to us among the crowd of 2000.

Over the weekend I watched three movies, Failure to Launch, Pirates 2, and Akeelah and the Bee. Failure to Launch was really pretty boring, Pirates 2 was confusing and scary, especially compared to the first one which I LOVED. But the highlight was most definately Akeelah and the Bee. I LOVED it. My movie critic friend, Neel, also highly recommended it, otherwise I probably would never have even rented it. GO SEE IT NOW, you won’t regret it.

The Heroes season finale last night was SO much better than the Grey’s Anatomy season finale. It was perfect in it’s pleasant resolution and yet it left the needed teasers to make you want to watch next season. I was afraid that if the Heroes saved the world there would be nothing left to keep me interested! Unfortunately the Law and Order Criminal Intent finale left me depressed, because I love Chris Noth and seeing him so out-of-sorts was a bummer.

I can’t wait till this weekend comes, and the weather had better be nice. We’re all headed up to Mike’s parents to spend the weekend outside at their campsite on the Susquehanna River. I think Nathan is going to have a blast and I think I will probably be able to relax and not watch him as closely as last year. Lots of good food, playing cards, and enjoying the scenery.


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  1. >Food, cards and good scenery? Um, you can just mapquest me those directions, ok?


  2. >Hi MM.


  3. >Yep, Grey’s season finale sucked. What a downer. And yep, the Hero’s SF was much better!Camping sounds so fun. I cannot wait to start!


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