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Mike’s gonna kill me for posting this, but it just makes me laugh and think he’s adorable. He was kind enough to watch Nathan Friday night when our babysitter (my mom) got sick and couldn’t make it so I could go to a party. Then Sunday I dragged him to a MOPS picnic in the rain, immediately after which I bailed and drove up to State College for the night. I had a wastewater conference I wanted to drop in on briefly. I was pleasantly surprised by how many old friends I got to chat with. I had a fabulous filet mignon last night and renewed some important business contacts. Less than 24 hours there but well worth it, and Mike handled Nathan for me. 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. >Hee, that photo cracks me up. What a cutie.


  2. >That picture slays me. How cute is he, I ask ya?


  3. >Hi MM. Sounds like a busy weekend.


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