>Scary Ocean


Scary Ocean
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This was Nathan’s first trip to Bethany Beach in 2005. Not much has changed when it comes to his love of the ocean. But hey, we’ve got all week to work on that. The good news is he is not afraid of the sand anymore, in fact the sand is the best thing ever invented. Good thing too, because he does not yet require chasing around the beach and it is freaking HOT this week. I prefer to sit under my umbrella with my big hat and swelter in the shade. The ocean is still ice cold, so cold that Mike only went in once for about three minutes. It feels great on your toes though.

I think we picked the perfect week to come down, because the weather is great but the crowds aren’t bad yet. It appears many of the condos around us are empty and we had great parking and great beach location this morning. We’re only a few blocks back from the beach but it’s worth driving and parking.

Needless to say, I skipped the 6am yoga class this morning. Maybe I’ll try it Friday morning. The good news is I found out that the fitness center at our resort has yoga classes tomorrow, Wed, and Sat at the much more resonable hour of 9:45. No beach involved, but yoga none-the-less.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >enjoy the vacation


  2. >enjoy – i am a tad jealous.


  3. >Sounds like a blast! I’ll be at the Jersey shore next week. YAY!


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