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Beach Bum
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The only significant problem with this vacation, aside from the lack of alcohol, is that Nathan insists on getting up at 5:45 am every morning. That combined with the extreme heat and humidity really tuckers us out. It’s supposed to be even hotter today, but then much cooler (86 instead of 96) tomorrow.

Yesterday I did go to a yoga class at the fitness center. Clearly the instructor was some kind of staff trainer who didn’t really know the first thing about yoga. But I still got a nice stretch out of it. She actually didn’t even address the class at all, no “Hi, how are ya, I’m Michele”, no “anybody injured or pregnant?”, nothing. No talking about modifications, certainly no alignment concerns (she butchered her own Warrior 1), and some stuff I would consider to be more like Pilates than yoga. Lots of focus on strengthening the “core”. The other women in class were much friendlier than the instructor.

I probably won’t do that class again, I’ll just stick to my own practice in a much nicer setting looking at the water and scenery.

Now it’s off to the beach again to bake under my umbrella. Lotsa pics popping up on my Flickr page and lots more to come.


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  1. >According to the news the Delaware Beaches will be humid today,but only in the 80’s. We are hot and humid and no water or nice scenery. Only work. Tell Nathan that he should sleep a little later. How is the going into the water coming? Have you been to any of the pools yet… say post nap? It might make him sooo tired that he sleeps late. Hope you have a great time. Love Mom


  2. >That picture is soooo perfect.


  3. >Enjoy!


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