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It’s pouring down rain, the kid woke me up at 5:25am, and I’m back at work. Ugh. Lots to do this week and in the next few weeks before baby arrives. I’m still really hoping he comes early. I’m hoping my very active lifestyle encourages him along.

Church yesterday was good. I guess I should really quit wearing high heels though, because standing in one place during the service is tiring enough without them. One of my good friends from church is having a scheduled C-section tomorrow, but the poor girl has been absolutely suffering for the past month or more. Hope it goes well for her.

Watched Employee of the Month on DVD last night. It was really pretty funny, especially watching how utterly stupid Jessica Simpson is. She was not acting, she was just being herself.

I also watched a marathon on TLC of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which is the life of a family I used to know back when we lived in Reading. I blogged about them a long time ago. They have twin five year olds and sextuplet two year olds. Quite a handful, but a very cute family. Christians too, I know them from a church we used to visit from time to time.


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  1. >I love the show Jon & Kate Plus 8! I was watching that for a while last night too… they are such a cute family. I have an appreciation for that too, after caring for quadruplets for a few years… I absolutely could not imagine sextuplets! But you do what needs to be done, and I think they are amazing.


  2. >I didn’t realize you knew the Goesling’s. That’s cool!I watch that show. They make me tired just watching. That Kate has to be super organized to get anything done.


  3. >J.P. and I watched the first episode (I think it was a special about Jon & Kate) together, and then I went upstairs to finish up some work. He watched all the rest on his own–I couldnt believe he didn’t change the channel!


  4. >Cool that you know The Goesslings! That show reminds me that I have nothing to complain about with my 3!!Carrie


  5. >Welcome back!It rained at the beach today!I can not believe the baby will be here in a few weeks.


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