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Ok, so some people have been accusing me of nearly abandoning my blog. Well if these same people ever left me comments, I might be encouraged to post more!

I’m not stuck in this cycle of just waiting, waiting, waiting. Not planning very much, can’t commit to a lot, and generally being bored. It’s really too hot to go for walks in the park, and if I spend any more time at the mall my bank account is going to evaporate.

I’m back to watching movies and reading books a bit more than I used to. Last weekend I rented Catch and Release, with Jennifer Garner, which I really liked, although it was pretty sad. I soooooo love Kevin Smith, who was actor/writer/director, etc. I love all his movies.

I also finished reading Swapping Lives, by Jane Green. It’s total fluff chick lit, which is what I like. Not bad, but not my favorite of her books. Plus I’m not sure what was going through the editor or publishers heads when they released this, it had typos all over the place, both main characters had English best friends named Deborah and I spent half the book trying to figure out if there was one Deborah or two (there were two), and at the end the broke main character mentions FLYING from the Greenwich, CT area to Albany, NY. Um, HELLO? No one would do that, unless they were super rich, had their own plane, and liked to fly it just for fun. So these annoyances made me realize how quickly and half-heartedly publishers turn around the manuscripts of popular authors.

Ok, back to work, much work to be done today. I’m co-author on TWO big technical papers being presented at this year’s national water conference, and the publishing deadline is tomorrow so we’re busy wrapping up details last minute. Unfortunately the conference is in San Diego in October and Mike won’t let me go that far with the new baby. Too bad, I loved San Diego.


9 responses to this post.

  1. >I just LOVE that photo! Did you take it with the timer?


  2. >With my wireless remote. Don’t you have one of those too? If you like that, you should check out the others on Flickr.


  3. >You and your belly are just gorgeous.


  4. >Holy Moley, lady! You’ve been blogging up a storm, and I’ve only been gone for a week!I love that picture of you! It’s beautiful!


  5. >Great picture. Nice lighting.


  6. >Great photos kid. Get some with the boy and the belly before its too late! Bringing back a lot of memories.. Hope all is well. Take care ok. Cheers.


  7. >That picture is awesome.


  8. >I gave you an award on my blog. But I called you a mean name. Out of jealousy though. Sigh.


  9. >I see a big typo I missed. I said I am NOT stuck in the waiting cycle. Obviously I meant I AM!! Thanks for all the compliments, peeps. It doesn’t really help to look cute pregnant when you don’t go anywhere and nobody sees ya! SFG – you rock. Thanks, bitch.


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