>Three More Days


Three More Days
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Ok so now I’m starting to get excited. Birthday week is finally here for sure. I’ve resolved he isn’t coming early or on his own, so a Thursday morning C-section it will be. So far a couple women on my pregnancy/due date message boards have had C-sections and bounced back very quickly, and Mike reminded me that they only kept me three days after my last one. For some reason I thought it was five, but no, Nathan was there for five. So if I have the surgery early Thursday I should be home on Saturday!

I really do think he’s already a big baby and I think having this surgery scheduled without any labor is going to be much easier to recover from than last time. Plus the baby boy outta be perfectly healthy and should be able to stay with me the whole time! What a change that will be from last time.

Mike did some little projects like hanging curtains in Nathan’s room and a shelf in the nursery this weekend. That makes me very happy. I pulled most of my maternity clothes out of my closet and suddenly my closet looks half empty! I am soooo looking forward to my old (and some new) clothes. I cleaned a lot of old stuff out of Mike’s closet too and despite the fact that he has a lot of clothes for a guy, his closet looks REALLY empty now. And he wonders why I make him keep the three laundry hampers in there. Nathan is actually the one really short on space for clothes…isn’t that crazy? The poor boy has almost no shoes but clothes coming out the ying-yang. I buy for him a lot at consignment sales and end of season sales, plus we get a fair amount of hand-me-downs from my awesome neighbors. My sister is pregnant again, due December, and if she has a boy….look out! The seasons may be a bit off, but she’ll get more stuff from me than she can possibly use.

Well, boss is on vacay and the guys have more or less stopped giving me assignments, so I’m off to find something to do!

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  1. >that picture is adorable. You’re glowing.You also look thinner? well, except for the belly that is.


  2. >Good luck in your last few days before the baby arrives. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the new arrival!!


  3. >Wow congrats to your sister!The little one will be here before you know it. You look awesome by the way!


  4. >Sarah! I found your blog through your myspace!! John and I have one too – check it out!! Congrats on your new baby!! praying all goes well this week for you! 🙂


  5. >You look great! I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday…


  6. >You look fab, girl. Lord. Something about that is horribly unfair. :)Now go take a nap since you won’t get much sleep after.


  7. >I agree with the others. You look fabulous.


  8. >Good luck to you. And Congrats to your sister.


  9. >I think I bounced back faster after Lydia than I did with Isaac, I actually was allowed to leave after two nights. I was, however, just as sick to my stomach after Lydia as I was with Isaac, even though I hadn’t gone through labor first. It’s not the same with everyone, though.I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday!


  10. >good luck tomorrow! we’ll be thinking about ya!


  11. >I love that picture. It’s gorgeous. I’ll be thinking of you too. C’mon baby!


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