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Thinking hard
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The first night at home with Alex was brutal. The kid slept all afternoon and then didn’t sleep all night. Mike and his mom took turns holding him but I hardly slept either. At least he didn’t cry though…that is awesome. This kid just does not cry the way Nathan did, if you hold him he calms right down.

Yesterday we began to implement the “Babywise” plan and tried to shift him to about a three hour eat/wake/sleep routine. It mostly worked but in the afternoon he was SUPER hard to keep awake for a full feeding and for some playtime afterwards. But the whole thing worked beautifully, because he slept like an angel last night! I fed him at 8, 12, 3:30, and then we all got up at 6. And I seriously slept in between all those times. Which makes me wonder why I am still so tired?

And for Pete’s sake, WHY am I still in so much debilitating pain? I got a new pain on my left side yesterday that seems fresh, while the other pains are mostly trying to heal. Walking around isn’t too bad, it’s the initial standing up straight that kills me. Thank goodness for strong muscles in the rest of my body that really do pick up the slack. And I’m still pretty swollen in certain places, mainly around my incision. Yuk.

But this kid is great. And beautiful. And watching Nathan grow slowly more fond of Alex is heartwarming.


10 responses to this post.

  1. >I was away and I missed the big announcement. Congratulations to you and your family.


  2. >he looks like Nathan.


  3. >I cannot remember, did you have a c/s with Nathan?


  4. >Yep, this is C-section #2.


  5. >I agree with Teri. But Alex has his father’s hair.


  6. >He is super cute. The hair!I hope your pain vanishes soon, without a trace.


  7. >Wow, he sure looks like Nathan! I’m glad he slept better last night. good luck with Babywise. I did it with David but ditched it with the last two. I can’t stand to let a baby cry.


  8. >I agree that in that photo, Alex really looks like Nathan


  9. >no doubt that nathan and alex are brothers. Baby Wise must read that book some day!


  10. >Your fam is so cute.


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