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So I know this blog is probably getting pretty dull, what with all the baby talk and recovery talk and not much else. Such is my life right now. I do miss the outside world, and I get little tastes of it now and then, like riding in the car to the doctor without the kids and listening to Alt Nation on Sirius radio. Makes me feel like myself. And I absolutely love when my friends call or visit, or even email or comment on my blog! 🙂

Things are much better now, probably the antibiotics doing their job. I have to go back in to the doc after lunch and I’m scared to death they are going to torture me again. But I’m up and moving around and helping out instead of loafing on the couch nonstop. My mom is here this week helping me too.

It seems Alex has some gas issues and isn’t gaining weight as quickly as we’d like, despite being a normally good nurser. But his doctor is not an alarmist and isn’t terribly worried, she thinks he’s really healthy in general. I just love him, I think he’s perfect.

What I suddenly can’t believe is how grown up and boy-like my other son is. It must be Alex’s small size that made me realize how huge Nathan is, but Nathan is filling out with muscle, his hair is course and not babyish anymore, and he talks so that I can actually hold a real conversation with him. Honestly it makes me sad he’s growing so fast, but happy because he’s such a good little man.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >I will call you today at some point. I am heading back to philadelphia. See you soon!


  2. >Don’t apologize… this is your life right now, and I’m always happy to read how it is going with the new babe. He’s a beaut. :-)Glad you are feeling better and hopefully Alex will start packing on those lbs soon.


  3. >I’m so sorry about your incision being infected…that sounds horrible.Isaac seemed enormous to us after Lydia was born, too. You’ll get used to the size difference.


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