>No Sleep Tonight


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…or any night lately. My brain is mush. Had a nice playdate in the park with TBG. I’ve lost so much weight that I’ve been cleaning out the clearance racks at Target. I’m back in hardcore shopping mode and I’ve still got a few inches of baby belly to lose yet. If I could just get some rest I’d be ready for exercise. Yawn.


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  1. >on tuesday. exercise on tuesday. . .N is looking very mature. strange, how he can look like such a little guy one day, and the next, so grown up. A’s still a new baby, of course, and still looks like one. 🙂


  2. >That’s a gorgeous picture. What is the background? It looks professional.I need to start working out. I’m thinking of going M-W-F mornings at 9am. I’d love a walking partner (on the treadmills or track, I’m not picky.) Let me know if you’re interested.


  3. >My tentative plan is to exercise on Tuesday, but several things may interfere with that plan. For now I have signed up for postnatal yoga at the Y, but I forsee switching back to a regular class quickly. One concern is my diastastis recti, which I have read a lot about, and there are a few poses I’m not sure if I should be doing…the most important of which is updog. If updog really is contra-indicated for ab separation, then how can I do my sun salutations? jen I’m really really sorry about October J. jl – I’m interested in walking with you, and I’m free most Wednesday and Friday mornings, except one Wed a month is my MOPS meeting. I’ll have to get comfortable with putting the baby in Childwatch…in the first couple weeks of the session it’s always so crowded.


  4. >you are looking awesome!I had a great time at the park and at lunch. We will have to get together again soon!


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