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Alex and I
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I’m happy to report that Alex appears to be 100% healthy again. He has fallen back into a comfortable eating and sleeping routine, and I have started some sleep training which is going very well so far. He seems to be a quick learner. Granted, I was up with him from 2:30 to 4:30 last night, but it didn’t bother me to much and in the end he put himself to sleep. Just needed a little crying to burn off some energy.

The past few days have been really good, despite Mike being gone. We went to the mall on Monday and I got some great deals on fall clothes for Nathan at Children’s Place. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I hit up Old Navy last Saturday and had so much fun trying on clothes that I bought quite a few things for me. This is dangerous. The fun is because I am still shrinking and I’m now in even my skinniest pre-preggo clothes and haven’t even started exercising yet. Breastfeeding burns mega calories!

So today was my first MOPS meeting of the year and it went fabulously. I have so many friends there and everyone was so concerned for Alex. There are tons of new babies! My group seems great so far. I had a wonderful big breakfast too.

I’m also back at work, at least a little bit each day. I’m even going to sales meeting next week. Thank God for my mom retiring and living so close 🙂


9 responses to this post.

  1. >You sound happy! And your pre-preg clothes!? You go girl!!


  2. >I am glad to see that he is doing better.


  3. >So can I tell you… the picture, when I first glanced at it I thought it was your sister and Alex, you look so tiny! (And I hope that comes off as the compliment it was intended as.) Glad everyone is feeling better!


  4. >that’s so awesome that you’re in your prepreg ‘skinny’ clothes. 🙂 is home practice going well? it can be tough with work, little ones, and shoppin’. 🙂


  5. >I am happy. And thanks Meegs for the compliment. Yes, Jen, home practice is not too frequent, but at least I get a little done. Now I just have to convince Mike he can handle both kids at bedtime so I can come to class!


  6. >i think that a ‘real man’ card might work. as in “real men can handle bed time.” LOL :)thursday nite is chill–there’s an elder woman in there, so i take it easy on everyone.


  7. >Until I clicked to enlarge the photo, Alex looked like he was dressed in a grocery paper bag, or maybe a burlap sack.Upon closer inspection, the actual outfit is fine, though not as funny.


  8. >Wow, you look FANTASTIC in that pic! Awesome.


  9. >Oh! havent been here in a while and there you are with another scrumptious baby! Congrats! he’s lovely!


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