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One might think I can’t handle taking care of two kids by myself. I can, I’m not so frazzled or stupid that I can’t manage two little people for a few days alone. But who wants to? So my motto is, when help is offered and adult company is available…take it.

That’s why my mom has spent more time at my house than her own since she retired. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. And that’s partially why we’ve seen more of Mike’s parents since Alex was born than possibly the whole year before that. This weekend will be my third weekend in a month in Williamsport at my inlaws. The one and the last were last minute decisions. Why?

Penn State football.

Yes, the Penn State verses Michigan game is away this weekend. And it’s televised on regular TV. But lucky me, my husband got offered tickets to the game…in Michigan. And his uncle wants to go too. So Mike asked if he could ditch me for three days. I almost said “No way, Jose”, but he suggested that since he will be driving right past his parents house anyway, I could come along and invade my inlaws’ house again. I’d certainly rather do that then stay home all by myself for three days. And if I didn’t know that my MIL would love seeing the kids again, I’d never impose. But that’s the plan, so off we go again.


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  1. >have a great weekend! it was great having you in class again! we’ll work on balance, though. 😉


  2. >my motto kids are only little once and life is too short soak up as much family as possible. We need to get together. You have got to come to dinner. All of you!


  3. >You should have come with him, and visited me in Michigan! I would offer help with the boys…and I’m adult company! :o)


  4. >Fun! Hope you’re having a safe and fun trip.


  5. >We’ll keep a spot for next year’s Awakening Music Festival for you and the 3 boys. I just posted about it on my blog. Glad to hear all is going well. Get your hubby to schedule a time to come visit.


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