Git ‘R Done
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Happy almost weekend, everybody! Well, this is the first weekend we will be home in awhile. Unfortunately the football game is on the Big 10 Network again, which we don’t get on Comcast. You have to have a dish to see the game. Mike is bummed about that, but he keeps holding out hope that Comcast will work something out with them soon.

Last night I took my friend Alexis to my yoga class. She hadn’t practiced in awhile but she’s very fit so she did fine. It was a harder class than usual, and I’m sure we’ll both be sore today, but it was great. I definately need to build some leg strength back up.

Tonight she and I and our other girlfriend are headed into downtown Philly for a little late night fun. Not sure where we’re going yet and I guess I’m driving so my imbibing will be limited. Mike will have to manage Alex on his own for awhile, but Alex hasn’t been too bad the past few nights. He seems kind of stuck in the habit of waking to eat at 2:30am though, which at his age he shouldn’t still need. I’m trying to be patient, I swear.

Not sure what we’re going to do today, looks like rain and my mom’s still pretty sick. Might be a TV overdose day so mommy can get some work done.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >have a great weekend and cant wait to hear how much fun you had in old city!


  2. >Oh Sarah…come over and visit my blog when you get a chance, OK????I have some pics posted there that I think you’ll appreciate.Enjoy!!!


  3. >Where did you go in Philly?


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