>Nathan’s Pumpkin


Nathan’s Pumpkin
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This picture was taken about a week ago when a few friends and I took our boys to a local farm for hayrides and pumpkin picking. A great time was had by all. Nathan is pretty much obsessed with pumpkins, probably because I have been pointing them out to him for the past 6 weeks. The weather has been not right at all for late October, blazing hot in fact. I just hope it is cooler and not raining on Halloween, otherwise Nathan will swelter in his costume.

The MOPS consignment sale was awesome, I bought tons of clothes for both boys for very little money. Nathan has more clothes than any boy his age ever should. I dread the day he starts choosing his own clothes.

Sleep issues abound, but the problems now are being more caused by Nathan, not Alex. Talk about frustrating.

Alex and I attended a jewelry party at a friend’s house last night and he was an absolute angel, the star of the show. The food and drinks were great, and I always LOVE the jewelry. I have a ton of it, much of which I don’t wear because I have so much.

My grandparents are in town this week, making their fall pilgrimage from their house in Boston to their house in Houston. Yeah, 87 years old and still driving cross country…can’t stop em. At least my mom is gracious enough to keep them at her house this week since the kids have been waking us up so much at night. They’ll be here during the days to visit with their great-grandchildren.

Ok I must go back to work now, lots to do!


4 responses to this post.

  1. >I love that your parents are so active. That’s so fab. Now you go get some sleep. (Yeah right, huh?)


  2. >What kind of jewelry? So much fun! Sorry about the sleep issues, though. Ugh.


  3. >OH Premiere Designs jewelry, I LOVE that stuff!! Why did I not think of calling and inviting you along??? Next time you MUST come, the hostess served appletinis!


  4. >Why would they leave Boston with the Series on?


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