>Happy Halloween!


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Ok the greeting is a little late.

Here are my two trick-or-treators. The little one was sick so I didn’t actually take him out. Nathan had a great day. He joined his classmates for what was supposed to be a parade around the parking lot of his school but so many parents showed up that is was mass chaos, not really a parade at all. Every parent had to rush in to get their photos and videos and then all the kids wanted to go home rather than back to their classes. The parade was supposed to circle three times then go back inside. It didn’t even make it around once before the circle collapsed on itself.

Then Nathan went trick-or-treating with the neighbor kids. We practiced saying “Trick or Treat!” and “Happy Halloween!” ahead of time. But as Nathan approached each front door, instead he turned to his dad and said “Get more candy!!!”


4 responses to this post.

  1. >They look great


  2. >adorable costumes! i’m sorry that your little guy is sick! poor fella. they look great, and N really ‘gets’ trick-or-treating, doesn’t he? 😀


  3. >i love Nathan and his “get more candy” that is hysterical! A boy after my own heart!


  4. >they’re both adorable. what great costumes.


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