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Mirror Mirror
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Ahhhh the joy of sleeping 8 hours in a row, completely uninterrupted! This is not an every night occurance, but is becoming more of a habit for Alex. Now if only he would nap more than 45 minutes at a time, we’d be golden. A lot to ask for? I think not.

Two days till the super exciting opening of the Philadelphia Premium Outlet center, just 5 minutes from my house. 150 brand name outlet stores opening ALL AT ONCE!! My favorites include Ann Taylor, Gymboree, Carter’s, Gap, and Coach. I plan on being there when the doors open Thursday morning. I suspect it will be a zoo. I drove through the parking lot yesterday to scope out the entrances and parking situation and the place was still a mess with construction vehicles, landscapers, and mostly huge tractor trailers delivering all the STUFF to the stores for me to buy. 😉

I’m getting lots of work done these days, AND lots of photo editing. The only thing I’m not getting done at all is exercise, which stinks. I just can’t figure out when I can get to the gym, besides once a week yoga.

I took Nathan on another hayride with my MOPS friends Sunday afternoon. It was cool because the place was empty except our group and because it’s after Halloween they let us each pick pumpkins leftover out of the pumpkin patch for free. We also did the corn maze. It was dark when we left at 5. It gets dark SO early now that it really screws up my sense of timing.


8 responses to this post.

  1. >Only you would do advance intelligence for a shopping trip.


  2. >Haha, I forgot those outlets would be opening soon! I work in Cville, so my co-workers and I may have to plan a lunchtime shopping trip soon. (We’ve done this before!)


  3. >Cool Pic. Where are the putlet stores?


  4. >Report back on your outlet experience today! I’m heading over there with my mom on Saturday morning. I took a ride through it a few weekends ago and it looks nice, albeit incomplete.Happy hunting!!!


  5. >that’s an adorable picture. 🙂 it’s amazing how fast he’s growing! and, it’s great to get a full night’s sleep now-and-again!i’m not looking forward to the traffic from those outlets. . .


  6. >William – the outlets are right under the shadow of the Limerick nuclear power plant towers, along 422. Lori – today is Wed silly, they don’t open till tomorrow! But I will report back. jenifer – I’m not looking forward to the extra traffic either, for that or especially for the new Providence Town Center which will affect me even more, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make in the name of closer retail heaven.


  7. >Gosh, I’m totally discombobulated! I guess I just WISH it were one day closer to the weekend…Have fun tomorrow!


  8. >lol retail heaven.wegman’s is really nice. . .:)


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