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Ok yesterday was a really good day. It’s the simple things, like getting sleep and getting good work done. I told Alex that he is much more adorable when he has slept 8 hours at night or 2 hours for a nap.

I missed the opening cermony of the new outlet center because of Alex’s long nap, but for that I don’t mind. My mom and the boys and I headed there at 12:30, which was definately NOT a good time to go. I think it took us half an hour to find a parking space in the ginormous parking lot. We almost left but one opened up just in time. We only went to the Carter’s outlet, entered the drawings, and had lunch. I ran into our beloved pediatrician with her son and my neighbor. It was crowded but very nice. There are enough stores to keep me occupied for a long long time.

Then I had two conference calls, the second of which I took at the local coffee shop for some privacy. I love Steel City Coffee house.


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  1. >i love that coffee house and now that I am working less than a mile from there we are going to have to meet there for coffee. I can not wait to check out the outlets but at this time there is nothing I need and I need to get paid before I go over there. Plus the crowds no thank you!


  2. >Cool! I can’t wait to check it out tomorrow.You should see the temporary employee parking lot that’s set up on Lewis Road across from the Sears warehouse. They have school buses shuttling the outlet employees from there to the stores. Crazy.


  3. >Even JP said to me last night, “Did you hear about the new outlets that just opened?” And he’s a guy–it must be one spectacular place.Perhaps we’ll have to check it out . . . AFTER the holidays!


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