>Happy Thanksgiving!


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Ok I’m late with my sentiment again.

Well we bought the new car, a nice dark blue Honda Odyssey minivan. I talked to a bunch of dealers and negotiated hard and I feel like we got a good price, it was well below invoice. It drives well and has SO MUCH ROOM. Oh also for you bleeding hearts, it has a special feature where it kicks out three cylinders when you are driving a certain way and a light comes one that says “ECO” and it gives it really good gas mileage.

I did brave the Black Friday crowd at Best Buy yesterday to get one special deal on a gift for my grandparents. Really it wasn’t bad, they were super organized, had plenty in stock of their doorbuster products, and the line moved fast, only 15 minutes. ToysRUs on the other hand was madness, with an hour and half long check out line that blocked the entrance and the aisles….I walked in and straight out. This morning I went to Kmart for a doorbuster product my MIL really wanted and they didn’t have any, told me they never came in, and refused to give me a raincheck. I walked out and vowed never to set foot in that store again…I HATE KMART.

Tomorrow when we get home we will start decorating for Christmas. Yay!


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  1. >that little boy is getting cuter and cuter by the second.glad you had some good experiences at the store but sorry for the other bad ones.


  2. >A mini Van?


  3. >I bought my new car this weekend as well. As I don’t know if I got a great deal but honda was not giving any good deals on their hybrids and that was all I was looking at from them. So I went with the new 2008 Saturn Vue, it is really nice. we have to get together and check out eachothers cars!Happy Thanksgiving and would you please meet up with me this week. I am in Phoenixville. Wait it might have to be next week as Jon is home from school maybe not just call me. Gah this is the longest comment ever!


  4. >Uh…ok TBG! Yes, a minivan. Thanks, Teri!


  5. >Yeah, Terry had the same experience at ToyRUs, we went back later in the day, it was only slightly better. We LOVE our minivan (Dodge GrandCaravan), no matter what anyone else says, they are the most bang for the buck for a growing family…and some of ours are growing more each day 😉


  6. >We’ll see on Wednesday. hehe.


  7. >He’s wearing a hat!One thing you should know about me: I find babies in hats to be hysterical.They come with hats when they’re born, you know. Usually pink or blue.


  8. >More pictures with hats, coming up!


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