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As has been the case lately, yesterday was a rather stressful day. Nathan did not have school, so I had to find ways to keep him happy and entertained all day. This is recently a very difficult job, as he is prone to extreme whining and destructivness, most especially when I sit down at my laptop to do a little work.

I tried building a tower of giant legos with Nathan. Unfortunately it crashed down right on top of poor unsuspecting Alex’s face. After much screaming and a long nap he only has a small goose egg on his forehead.

I had planned to go meet TBG who was nannying for some kids very close by. But I forgot that my husband had scheduled the DishTV people to come out and mount a big giant dish on the side of our house, just so he can watch more Penn State sporting events. Why he waited until football season was over, I don’t know. So the Dish guy was pretty much a moron, but did a good job, however he interrupted naptime AND Curious George time, which made Nathan very unhappy (not to mention mommy).

BUT!!! I had negotiated with Mike earlier in the week that I could attend a new yoga class with Jenifer at a studio just down the block from my house. The class is in a very small, intimate studio, with LIVE MUSIC! And it’s 90 minutes, which is so way better than my usual hour long class at the Y.

The musicians were two youngish guys playing acoustic guitars and singing familiar but not overly popular mello tunes. I was afraid it would be distracting, but it was not. What could have been extremely distracting was the downtown holiday parade proceeding by outside the window that my mat was directly facing. A few of my fellow yogis got the giggles watching Santa and hearing the marching bands and such, but I was so grateful to be there that I was in a whole other world. There could have been an earthquake and I still would not have broken pose…except for my out of practice muscles.

At the end of class we had a somewhat extended Sivasana (corpse) which was utterly wonderful. The band was singing Passionate Kisses, a song I like but was trying to remember who sang. I thought it might be Chrissy Hynde voice in my mind, or Lucinda Williams (it was)…which led me to think about my Uncle Mel who passed away a few Christmases ago. I let my mind dwell on my pleasant memories of him and his warm and unique wife of only three years, who still sends me the most lovely gifts. It was bittersweet, but I was in a beautiful place of calm, warmth, and relaxation I haven’t been in for quite awhile. When Jenifer spoke, it took me a split second to remember where I was, and I was sad to move.

Also two of my very good frirends, Mark and Kimber, were there to practice. A pleasant surprise, since I always really like seeing and talking to my friends, including Jenifer. Some of us went for coffee/tea afterwards and I met a couple of the other practitioners, which was nice. I will definately go again and will attempt to drag some friends along.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >i’m glad you had such a great time! thanks for all of the links too. :)it was fun doing chai after. i love hanging out. ryan came and mark left, and then ryan and i had tea. he’s so funny!


  2. >I would have thought live music would have been distracting, but the way you describe it, it sounds great. What a unique class!


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