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Before I get to the nominations and my pretty uninformed opinions about them, I am sad to report that Mike’s rental car was broken into last night at his hotel in Rhode Island. The jerkys smashed the window and stole his beloved GPS and his prescription sunglasses. That’s a fair amount of cash we’ll have to shell out to replace those. Mike’s pretty upset about it. Criminals suck.

Ok so rather than list the nominations here, I’ll post a link where you can go look them over.

Ok I haven’t seen any new movies in forever, so I can only comment on movies based on reviews, trailers, and other television interviews. I really don’t have an opinion on most of those.

I was very surprised Hairspray was nominated for Best Comedy or Musical. Not as surprised Nikki Blonski was nominated for her role in it, I hear she is awesome and this was her first role. I was surprised at Amy Adams’ nomination for Enchanted, I heard that movie kinda sucked. I’m thinking she’s just a critics darling now since she did Junebug. It doesn’t matter though, Ellen Page is a shoe-in for her role in Juno.

Ryan Gosling was nominated for “Lars and the Real Girl?” Seriously? That movie just looks weird. Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman are just standard nominees for everything now. I can’t believe anybody was nominated from “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” either.

Ok and Philip Seymour Hoffman was nominated as Best Actor AND Best Supporting Actor for two different movies. Is that legal? Hehe

I think John Travolta should get Best Supporting just for dressing up as a woman and singing and dancing in Hairspray. He was pretty funny looking.

No opinion on director or screenplay. I really loved Ratatouille, so I think that should win best animated. I heard mixed reviews on Bee Movie.

Ok Best TV drama should go to House. Yes, I love Grey’s, but it’s not worthy of awards. I like Patricia Arquette for Medium, I think Holly Hunter and Sally Field are not acting, they are just playing themselves. And I love Hugh Laurie in House, especially for doing such a convincing American accent.

For best comedy I vote Pushing Daisies, although 30 Rock is pretty funny, and I haven’t seen Entourage yet. And I would campaign for America Ferrera of Ugly Betty to win….I can’t believe Ugly Betty wasn’t nominated as a show. I love that show. Ok and Steve Carell is a no-brainer…I would marry him just to be laughing all the time. Even in talk show interviews the man has me in stitches.

I really liked Debra Messing in The Starter Wife. I guess I would choose Katherine Heigl for Best actress, although I’m not sure she’s THAT great. Her role was more interesting two seasons ago. And I vote for Jeremy Piven for best actor….cuz he’s hot.

How’s that for opinions? 🙂


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  1. >That stinks about the GPS and Mike’s glasses. The sad thing is, they’ll probably just end up being thrown away because who else could use them? Merry flippin’ Christmas.I have no idea about 90% of the things you mentioned for the awards. I’ve seen some of the TV shows, of course, but I think the only movie I’ve seen is Ratatouille. I didn’t think it was that great–I thought The Incredibles was much better.Sharkey


  2. >I hear you on Ratatouille. That movie was amazing.


  3. >Hi Mainline Mom! I was googling Galen Bisbort, and found a comment you made on a blog asking if that particular Galen was a Bisbort. You’re right, there aren’t too many out there, so where could he be? Its unheard of these days not to have an internet presence! Anyway, he and I went to high school together, and I often wonder what he’s been up to. Thanks,


  4. >Hey EVR! I tried to Google him once too and got nowhere. Galen and I were good friends in college. I know he graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, and he may have gone to work for Proctor and Gamble, but I’m not sure. He always said he just wanted to go home and work the farm.


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