>Me and My Baby


Me and My Baby
Originally uploaded by Mainline Mom

My opinion of the day is that babies should be born 4 months old.

Alex is SO much easier at four months old. He still has his moments, but my demanding 3 year old is much tougher. I feel for my sister who is about to have her baby boy on Monday and her daughter is only 17 months old. Supposedly she’s going to keep working part time, some from home, but we shall see.

She’s being induced a couple weeks early due to very low blood platelets. She had that last time and couldn’t get an epidural. Her inlaws will be there for the baby’s first week and then my mom and her husband will be there for Christmas. I think as soon as my mom leaves and opens up the guest bedroom my family will go down, probably over the weekend before New Years. I was going to wait till later in Januray but I really want to photograph that baby while he is still brand new. It’s going to be a crazy houseful though, my two kids and her two kids. I’ll leave my dog at home! Her golden retriever, (Stonewall) Jackson, does not get along well with my Schnauzer, Pepper(mint Patty).

So I still have a handful of Christmas presents to buy, and my LEAST favorite part, boxing things up and taking them to the post office to ship. Guess I’d better do that by Monday! Still tons of Christmas cards to address and get out as well.

Tonight is my MOPS holiday party and I have hired a sitter for the kids because Mike either will be arriving late if his plane is delayed or just getting home exhausted as I leave.


2 responses to this post.

  1. >Beautiful picture. Consider this on the born at four months. Could you push him out now given the weight he has put on in the last four months?


  2. >Ok so I didn’t push out either baby, so the answer is no anyway.


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