>New Haircut


New Haircut
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Ok so dcrmom made a special request to see the new haircut. Since I still haven’t washed it since I got it cut, this is as good as it’s ever going to look! Tomorrow when I wash it the curls will come back and the sleek shiny smoothness will be gone. I’ve been thinking of coloring it lately but I decided to hold off due to budget issues. So that’s my very natural color. Also that lovely shirt is one of two I bought at Target recently for about $10 each! Perfect for my business trip, and it goes perfectly with my new Ann Taylor dress pants.

As for my wardrobe planning for Chicago (this is a big deal when you only get out once or twice a year!) my daytime business meeting outfits are set now, but my nighttime dinner and barhopping outfits are very hard to choose. I have TONS of glamorous little tops, but it is cccccold in Chicago, so I need something to go over them. That throws everything off. I have a bunch of cute jackets but pairing the right cut and color and with the right pair of slimming pants is TOUGH! I need THREE evening outfits.

And then there’s the shoes. Ideally you would wear high heeled pumps or boots to go out at night, but it’s cccccold and my feet get very sore very quickly when walking city streets in heels. So I’d love to wear my Uggs, but I’m just afraid they simply are NOT clubwear. So more decisions there.

I know this is a terribly shallow post. I will impress you with my depth on another day 🙂


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  1. >I have seen tons of girls out at bars in Uggs and miniskirts, but I think it looks stupid and also it’s probably not the look you’re going for… But yes, Uggs can be eveningwear (sort of).


  2. >LOVE the hair! I don’t know what to tell you about the shoes. I’d probably go for high heeled boots and suffer. At least they’re warm (if not comfortable).


  3. >Your hair looks great! Very professional.See, here’s when I don’t mind being boring. If I were going to Chicago on business, my big “evening out” would be beer and deep-dish pizza at Gino’s East with co-workers before heading back to my hotel room to surf the ‘net. The wardrobe for those activities is really easy.


  4. >Looks good. enjoy Chicago. Are you taking a blues bar?


  5. >you look great.


  6. >Thanks everyone. One update on the shoes…I went to Target this morning to pick up hamburger rolls and decided I’d take a quick stroll through the shoe aisle to see if there were any brown boots on clearance. Well they were pretty much completely sold out of their boots…EXCEPT for ONE pair of brown leather high heeled ankle boots exactly my size for only $7!!!! They are soooo cute and perfect. The only bad news is now I’m told it’s supposed to snow in Chicago Thursday.


  7. >Very cute hair!


  8. >I love the cut but now you have to show us the natural, curly look.


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