>Not Politics as Usual

>Why, oh why, do I have to like Barak Obama so darn much? I mean, he certainly does not view the world the same way I do. He’s a big government guy, and God help us if he ever has to appoint a Supreme Court justice. But darnit, he’s a great speaker. I just really like listening to him in interviews or speeches. Hillary makes my skin crawl when I hear her voice. Same with John McCain. He just annoys me to know end.

I love listening to Mike Huckabee talk too, he’s a very good speaker as well. Too bad he won’t last. I’m still voting for him in April, but right now I honestly can’t say who I will vote for in November.

I think the most important issues to me personally are the abortion issue, which unfortunately is unlikely to change very much, and the estate tax, which is an atrocity. As Whoopi Goldberg said, the estate tax is the definition of taxation without representation. I can’t believe she and I agree on something so passionately.


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  1. >*picking myself up after falling off my chair* I’m sorry, did I read that right, YOU like Obama….hahahahahahahaha!!!


  2. >Taxation without representation is when my town taxes property owned by tourists who have no right to vote at town meeting. The estate tax? That’s a hard call to make. It isn’t a tax on the dead. It isn’t the dead who pay. But it certainly can be a regressive way to pass on property to the next generation.Abortion? I don’t think women should go out and have abortions as a means of birth control. But the reason that issue can’t be resolved is because almost nobody wants to send these women who have abortions to jail for murder. Woe is us if we ever fall far enough to the right that we begin doing that. Of course the irony is that we haven’t found alternative ways to reduce the number of abortions performed, not birth control, not education, not by offering good homes and healthcare for children born from unwanted pregnancies. Hillary won’t fix this. McCain isn’t likely to do anything to fix it. Huckabee would take us closer to the extreme right on this issue. But Obama? How will he approach it? I don’t know. I’ve heard he isn’t a big fan of abortion. Maybe he can help us find some common ground.And that’s just how I feel about Obama. For far too long we as a nation have been looking for more ways to become divided. Nobody is looking for common ground. Maybe the hope that Obama represents is the hope that there still exists in this country ways to bring us back together as a nation.I know, a cynic wouldn’t believe in such hogwash. Obama makes me wish I weren’t such a cynic. I did go to see him when he was in Bangor the day before Maine’s Democratic caucus and it was that wish that I carried out with me after he was done.I couldn’t agree with you more about Hillary. There is a politician that can’t be trusted. Do I really want to be forced by law to buy insurance? Is government really the all-provider and all-protector that Hillary keeps saying it should be? 1984 anyone?And McCain reminds me of a cork lobster buoy bobbing on the waves. Who really knows where he stands at any particular point in time. One day he is a maverick, the next he’s carrying on Bush’s legacy. One day he’s middle-of-the-road moderate hated by conservatives, the next he’s conservative.Obama? Hmmmmmmmm…….. I wonder if this wins you any friends on your blog 😉


  3. >I never thought I’d see the day. (Ha ha!) I’m on the fence to the point of not wanting to vote. I don’t believe in gun control, but for some reason it scares me to vote for Obama or Clinton b/c I think that they could both make gun control a big issue and carry it out just like in England. I think we have the right to defend our homes and property, and heaven forbid if there is another terrorist attack or large scale natural disaster. And if I ever see a snake/coyote/fox/big cat out here, you’d better believe I’ll have a gun around to take care of it. There are bigger issues, but none of them really affect me. For my own person, I’m pro-life, but I hate to think about girls getting abortions in back alleys if it were outlawed. Why should two have to die? Should we impose our Christians beliefs on others who aren’t Christian? Should we impose our Christian beliefs on other Christians whose decisions direction impact their afterlife and not our own? It’s a struggle I’ve had for a long time, and it always comes down the safety of the mother. I wish that women were comfortable enough and socially accepted to always bring their children to term. As for the president, I would love to see a great orator in the big chair that would unite us as a country again. I think Obama has a fighting chance at that.


  4. >Well I love Obama. Love him for so many reasons. I know who I will be voting for in April and then November.


  5. >There is hope for you yet!!!Personally I think there are bigger issues then abortion. How many people die due to poverty? How many die because of lack of access to medical care? I would hazard a guess a lot more then die from abortion. Plus, for the record, I am pro-life. In a perfect world all the babies are born and if the mother doesn’t want it, it gets adopted into a good and loving home.


  6. >Interesting post. Obama scares me more than Billary, frankly. But I haven’t heard him speak, either. Perhaps he would win me over. What about this DANG WAR!?? What should we do about THAT? That seems to be the major difference between the candidates.And the healthcare thing, I wish I understood more the differences between Obama’s and Hillary’s plans.


  7. >I happen to like him too. I am worried about some of his Social (ist) issues but I think at this point I would like to see someone other than a Bush or clinton as CiC.


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