>Bring On Spring


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March came in like a lion, with cold and wind, chilling through my bones as I shopped with Mike’s parents yesterday. Nathan had his two days of playing in the snow last week, getting minimal use out of his snow pants and boots, his new sled and shovel. Now I am ready for warm sunshine.

I went to Produce Junction on Friday for cheap healthy food and decided some flowers would brighten up the house. The prices as the Junction are amazing, $1.50 for a bunch of gerbera daisies, $5 for two dozen roses, and 2 lbs of green peppers for $1. I’ve been cooking a lot more and making a lot of recipes that include peppers and onions.

Then we went to Lowe’s and Home Depot to find a new overhead kitchen light fixture. The front entrances of both stores were lined with starter materials for flower and vegetable gardens. Here’s where I get all kinds of inspiration and motivation to do some serious gardening this year. But as my husband says, I’m a dreamer. I get all kinds of grand ideas that I do not follow through on, and gardening is always one of them.

But I am ready for spring. Ready to stop needing to bundle up the kids everytime we go out. Ready for warm walks in the park. Ready to trade in the Uggs for strappy sandals. And ready to swap the sweaters for sundresses.

Too bad it is still a long way off.


3 responses to this post.

  1. >I love the junction. I was going to head over there today. There is one near my house as well. I love it.


  2. >Thank you for that picture, it made my day. I went to Rona, the Canadian equivalent to Home Depot and found the spring displays out. It is a sign of hope.


  3. >Sigh. I’m ready, too.


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