>Life On Hold

>Mike has been away a lot lately and he will be gone this whole week and all next week. So the whole thing with moving is kind of on hold till he gets back and we can put a plan together. I don’t like waiting. Once I’ve made a big decision, I want to jump into action to make my plan happen, and I want the cooperation of those around me (ie Mike) to help me. People think I’m anxious to leave my friends and family and Philly behind, but that is not the case. I would rather stay, but we have made the decision to go, so I don’t want to dilly dally.

In the meantime Alex has an ear infection. He’s been miserable since Saturday. For once I got to take him to the pediatrician, tell him exactly what was wrong, and be right! AND I had to go to get the drugs, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

At least the football game was fun and the weather was fabulous. We got a bunch of autographs of the players, which I didn’t really care about but I did it for Mike, cuz I’m a good little wifey.


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  1. >I get the same exact way when I’ve made a decision. I want to implement it NOW.


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